Frizzy locks, flaky scalp, oily or thinning hair got you down? We recently sat in at a hair health workshop with Andrea Clark, certified trichologist at The Mandarin Salon, who shared many of the most common hair complaints and why they occur: Topics ran the gamut from genetics to poor nutrition and absorption, chemical buildup to an overload of stress — one of the top causes of hair loss.

Adopting a holistic approach to hair health with a trichoscope in hand, Clark offers 60-minute hair consultations at The Mandarin Salon (HK$1,250), with follow-up sessions (HK$700) in the next six to eight months, recommending all sorts of lifestyle changes to get her clients’ hair in top shape. More importantly, she also has recommendations for the best products to keep in our arsenal to treat unhealthy hair.

best hair - trichologist recommended

“We have to treat the hair inside and out. And because of the hair growth cycle, even if you started treatment today, don’t expect that next week it’s going to be fabulous — it can take 3-4 months, or even up to 12 months. But it can be fun getting your hair back into good shape,” she says. Ready to get the best hair you’ve ever had? Follow Clark’s essential hair tips below.

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