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11 gifts for the fitness fanatics and gym junkies in your life

Why did the gym member get arrested? He asked someone to check out his guns.

Okay — I have one more. What’s the best gift for a gym addict? A mirror! Alright, enough; but that last one was on brand at least, right? The festive season has a convenient way of leading straight to our, usually dreaded, New Year’s Resolutions, but what if we started early? Started now?

Here’s to the ones who drink seltzers instead of cocktails; who wake up at 7am to hit the gym before work; who meal prep on weekends for the working week; who look good in every outfit; who, ultimately, keep us accountable for our own ballooning waistlines and bad habits. We see you, we appreciate you, and so, this list is all for you.

The best gifts for the health-conscious

It’s two ticks for sister-duo Wendy and Winnie Cheung. Inspired by their home workouts when gyms shut during the pandemic, The Fluid X features a series of aqua bag training equipment; it’s portable, fun and dynamic.

The process is simple: Fill the Boba 13 (cute name!) to your preferred weight, and squat, press or lift it for a dynamic workout. Great for new lifters, low impact workouts and, best of all, gifts for friends who’ll be enduring a two or three-week hotel quarantine.


What’s just as important, but often forgotten, when it comes to staying healthy? Good skincare. Yes! Don’t neglect your poor pores post-workout. Once you’re in the shower, whip out PMD’s Clean Pro to break down all the gunk; their SonicGlow tech knocks out a gentle 7,000 vibrations per minute. Glowing skin to match your healthy insides. Win-win. 


3 /11

Y’all heard me gush about the Fitbit Luxe and, my colleagues and friends can attest, I still wear mine every single day. It’s light, it’s versatile, and it keeps me accountable. Been too stationary? Buzz, buzz, baby! Time to walk 250 steps around the office. Not enough sleep? Boo! Here’s a sub-70 score to mar your hard-earned 80s average. It works! You’ll build a habit of enough movement and good sleep in no time.  

Definitely also get some extra straps for working out, and — more importantly — to match whatever cool fit your friend is rocking that day because fashion, baby.  


AirPods need little introduction. The third-generation reiteration, however, definitely seems to bear a closer resemblance to the AirPods Pro than their predecessors. New features include spatial audio head tracking, an acoustic mesh that mutes background sound, a longer battery life, and an upgraded IPX4 water resistance — which means you can sweat on them as much as you like, and they should still survive.  

For a more personalized touch, include an extra engraving with emojis or letters to really cement ownership. 


It’s sleek, it’s modern and, best of all, it’s portable post-blend. Yeah, perhaps it looks cooler when you’re walking around the weight machines shaking your… shakes, but is it efficient? Is it necessary? No! This is, though.  

Touted as having a “blade with a brain”, the Beast Blender monitors its internal temperature to maintain consistent speed and torque. Once done, simply screw on the drinking lid to take your shake to wherever you may need to be. Easy. 

USD$155 (Approx. HK$1,207)

Like its original — but pocket-sized! Great for when one can’t be arsed to pull out the foam roller and yoga mat for a full post-workout wind-down session. Just turn this on and massage away while you’re at your desk, on the couch, or even on your daily commute. Instant relief!


Body care: You have to take it from the top, sometimes. From haircare to body pampering, you’ve got everything you need in this kit to achieve a glowing everythingOur favourites include the T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub that dissolves dead skin cells and styling-product buildup, and the gentle Kamili Cream Body Cleanser with skin-restorative amino acids to replenish and soothe even the most sensitive skin. 


Here’s a scary fact: One million single use plastic bottles are thrown out every minute. One million! That’s outrageous. No, we can’t change the world overnight, but we can certainly do our little part to make it not-so-bad. Baby steps. And one of those steps should be getting a LARQ bottle.  

Equipped with LED technology that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses (where does the 0.1% go??), you’ll be able to get pure water in 60 seconds. It also intelligently activates every two hours to keep your water and bottle clean as can be. Nifty. 


Often touted as being one of the world’s most advanced masks, Airinum’s Urban Air Mask features a 5-layer filter technology, secure sealing and anti-fog system, as well as four different adjustable sizes so you’ll always be able to find your perfect fit. UV protective and breathable, this nifty, reusable mask is good for the planet, and for your work out.  


How can you make better lifestyle choices if you don’t know what changes to make? What should you avoid eating? Where are you storing fat?  

It’s time for some science: Get to know how your body works, inside and out. The Vital starter kit contains 15 diet reports, 20 nutrition reports, and, most importantly, 18 sports & fitness reports. If you want to get even more in-depth, consider the Premium kit (HK$4,990) — assuming you don’t mind the price jump.   


11 /11

For the bare-minimum fitness pal in your life, let someone else take care of the food while they work out and live their best 9-to-5. There are so many options on the market, we did the math (and the testing) for you. While my colleagues are busy reviewing Eatology and Nutrition Kitchen this week, check out our previous round-up here

11 gifts for the fitness fanatics and gym junkies in your life

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