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These are the best nutritionists and sport performance coaches in Hong Kong

It’s easy to get swept up in the celebrations and merriment that naturally come with the last few months of the year — but that doesn’t mean that you have to wait until New Year to bite the health and fitness bullet. Hong Kong is home to some of the best nutritionists and sport coaches on hand to help you create life-long habits.

Whether it’s the build up to Christmas, a big birthday or simply pandemic fatigue (we’re with you), there’s always something that can put the brakes on achieving those health and fitness goals — but just because you indulged, it doesn’t mean that you have to ‘start again on Monday’ or wait until your social calendar clears. Sometimes, a little guidance and accountability goes a long way in helping you remain focused. Regardless of your goals, we’ve sourced some of the best nutritionists and sport performances coaches in Hong Kong to help tailor a plan that fits your needs, gain that competitive edge and simply feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Work with the best nutritionists and sport performance coaches in Hong Kong

Nu Performance: Luke Davey

Nu Performance Luke Davey
Image courtesy of Nu Performance

Best for: Evidence-based sports nutrition and performance coaching

Founded by Hong Kong Rugby’s Head of Athletic Performance, Luke Davey, Nu Performance works with its clients to deliver quality and tailored sport nutrition programmes and strength and conditioning services to both international athletes and amateur sports men and women in Hong Kong. With over 10 years of experience in the specialty consultancy field, Davey’s bespoke services offer a realistic, strategy-driven approach to health and fitness, working with you every step of the way to improve your competitive edge.

Offering custom packages that range from lifestyle, health and weight loss support to advanced sport-specific strategies and competition-based planning, Davey also offers elite, international-standard strength and conditioning coaching to target performance, injury prevention and body composition goals. Whether it’s training for the Hong Kong Marathon, or getting in peak condition for the sports season, Davey’s evidence-based approach to nutrition and performance can help you to strategise and smash personal goals — no matter how ambitious.

For more details click here or email luke@nuperformance.com.hk

Limitless Health: Tricia Yap

Tricia Yap
Image courtesy of Tricia Yap & Limitless Health

Best for: A functional medicine approach to health and fitness

One of only a handful of people in Hong Kong who is qualified in functional medicine, Limitless Health founder, Tricia Yap, strongly believes that “every person deserves to be strong, fit and healthy with a plan that suits their lifestyle.” Empowering rather than dictating goals, her functional medicine approach to health and fitness does not focus on ‘transformations’, but on achieving optimal health from a cellular level. In this way, Tricia helps individuals identify nutritional gaps, deficiencies and leverage an in-depth knowledge of gut, adrenal, thyroid, liver, cellular health and rebalance hormones. Each plan utilises technology like continuous blood sugar monitoring and clinical lab testing to identify the true root cause of an issue, and to truly personalise nutrition.

Tricia’s methodology is evident in a combination of health coaching for habit change, motivational interviewing and proven science — as well as years of practical experience.

For more details click here or email info@limitlessgym.com.hk

Nutrilicious: Michelle Lau

Michelle Lau Nutritionist
Image courtesy of Nutrilicious via Facebook

Best for: Paediatric and prenatal nutrition, as well as weight management programmes

Certified nutritionist and nutrition educator, Michelle Lau works with her clients to help them get the most out of life, focusing on practical, flexible solutions to help achieve goals.

Michelle’s approach to nutrition stems from her deep belief that “we are what we eat,” and her expertise alongside a passion for food paves the way for creating attainable and life-long healthy habits around weight loss and nutrition. Specialising in paediatric and prenatal nutrition as well as weight management, Michelle’s ‘Eat Whole, Train Smart, Live Full’  motto hopes to inspire you to live life, one delicious bite at a time.

For more details click here or email nutrilicioushk@gmail.com

B-Fit the Wright Way: Beth Wright

Bets Nutritionists in Hong Kong B Fit the Wright Way
Image courtesy of B-Fit via Facebook

Best for: A lifestyle-led approach to health and nutrition that goes beyond diet and fitness

Hong Kong-based lifestyle, health, nutrition and accountability coach Beth Wright’s approach to health and fitness goes beyond hitting the gym. Working closely with her clients to achieve balance, Beth’s plans go beyond diet and strives to work with you to create a sustainable, adaptable lifestyle that fits around your hectic day-to-day.

Whether you’re looking for daily or weekly support and accountability, B-Fit fosters a unique community that not only gives you discounts and perks to some amazing health and wellness brands, but is always on hand to provide support, lift you up on those ‘off’ days and share delicious recipes with one another.

For more details click here.

Featured and hero image courtesy of Unsplash
These are the best nutritionists and sport performance coaches in Hong Kong

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