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Usher in the Year of the Rabbit with these Lunar New Year gifts ideas for friends and family

For the nearly two billion people who celebrate Lunar New Year, there’s no more excellent excuse to shower their loved ones with presents. Traditionally, Lunar New Year is a time to distribute gifts symbolising blessings and good wishes for the new year. This year, the multiday celebration begins on January 22. 

And while a basket of chocolate is all well and good, many lifestyle brands are getting creative, so you can come bearing slightly more impressive gifts. So revel by gifting these incredible products to your loved ones (or yourself) this Chinese New Year.

Best Chinese New Year gifts for your friends and family

Collectable coins entrusted with rare pink diamonds

This Lunar New Year, surprise your loved ones with the most precious collectable coins entrusted with rare pink diamonds. The Royal Canadian Mint’s limited edition Opulence Collection presented by the Royal Canadian Mint’s global distribution partner, Aurom features the rarest and most exclusive collectable coins. The newly minted gold, platinum, and diamond-encrusted coins represent some of the finest examples of numismatic craftsmanship. They make an exceptional Chinese New Year gift for those who appreciate quality, artistry and value. The exquisite coins from the Opulence Collection feature Treasure (HK$82,000), Grandeur (HK$352,000) and Splendour (HK$1,565,000).

Call on +852 2368 5997 to purchase the coins.

Hydrating skin products from Hibernicis

New Year, New Me – enter the Lunar New year with Hibernicis, designed to replenish, cleanse and hydrate your skin. The skincare products are perfect for the dry and cold seasons. Hibernicis offers gentle, natural gels, lotions and a serum suitable for all skin tones and types – ideal for the whole family to start the new year cleansed and replenished. Then, take your body care to the next level with Úr Exfoliating Gel. Glan Bath + Shower Gel is a lightly scented, low-foaming gel designed to cleanse the skin and Athlíon Body Lotion is a blend of rosewater that moisturises, calms and balances the skin. 

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Aēsop’s sensational cleansing products and scents

To start the New Year of the Rabbit with your best face forward, Aesop has a selection of sensational cleansing products and scents to ensure a grand appearance at any family celebration. The lightweight and vitamin-rich Lucent Facial Concentrate offer intense hydration for ushering in the new lunar year with well-groomed, hydrated skin. The delicate Rōzu Eau de Parum (HK$1,300) is perfect for gifting. Rōzu is a fragrance of tender intensity intended to appeal to all genders.

Chinese new year gift

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Exploration gear from The North Face

Usher in the Year of the Rabbit with a special-themed series of exploration gear from The North Face. This festive series integrates elements of snow sports and extends the spirit of adventure to everyday urban life. The gear equips explorers for exciting challenges as we enter the new year. The North Face’s new festive collection includes jackets and sweaters that keep everyone warm during this Chinese New Year. They have silhouettes of rabbits on the pieces too! The North Face 2023 Chinese New Year collection is now available at The North Face Hong Kong stores. 

Chinese New Year gifts

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Rihanna’s best-selling Fenty Eau de Parfum

Ring in the New Year with Rihanna’s best-selling Fenty Eau de Parfum. And designed by Rihanna, this profoundly intimate fragrance is complex, vibrant, raw, spicy and sweet all at once. The scent is inspired by distinct memories and places that Rihanna cherishes from throughout her life – Bridgetown, Grasse, France, New York, Paris, France, Los Angeles, and California. Fenty Eau de Parfum (HK$1,250) is now available for a limited time at Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, Beauty Bazaar and Beauty Avenue.

Chinese New Year gifts

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Sonos and Klipsch Sound System and Home Theatre

As the festivities approach, celebrate heartwarming moments with loved ones at home with the ultimate sound system and home theatre experience, courtesy of Sonos and Klipsch. Grab your limited time offer with TC Acoustic’s special promotions and enjoy up to 36% off for an array of premium speakers and earphones from these sought-after audio powerhouses.

Chinese New Year gifts

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Glenfiddich Grand Series

Channelling the celebratory spirit of the Lunar New Year, Glenfiddich elevates the idea of a toast to extraordinary levels. The Gran Reserva, Grande Couronne, and Grand Cru make perfect gifts for the people you treasure most. Additionally, each bottle from the Glenfiddich Grand Series is also a work of art. They are sophisticated and refined and celebrate the unexpected marriage of two traditional worlds. They make for the perfect gift for your grand occasions this festive season.

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Usher in the Year of the Rabbit with these Lunar New Year gifts ideas for friends and family

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