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12 eco-friendly period care products to try on your next cycle

The environment-loving wave doesn’t just stop at reusing glass Tupperwares and packable metal utensils. Introduce it to your personal care habits; period products are an important one.

It’s 2021, if you aren’t treating your period products with the same love and attention as you have been with your reusable water bottles, metal utensils — ones constantly being replaced — and, truer to current times, face masks, it’s high time to reconsider.

From the single-use brands you’ve pledged your loyalty to since your adolescence, it’s time for a change. The next time you’re at the store for period care, make the conscious shift to eco-friendly alternatives that will not only do the job in the same capacity and probably some more, but will impart a comforting sense of mind with each use. Farewell, throwaway plastics.


Any self-prescribed journey beelining for sustainability will typically start close to home, be it a concerted effort towards recycling, clicking “No thanks!” on take-out cutlery options on that next foodpanda order or the elimination of single-use anything. If you’re someone who’s grown accustomed to spending those few days each month sliding plastic-wrapped sanitary napkins up your sleeve as conspicuously as you can muster, leak-proof underwear should be something on your radar. 

Just launched this September, Hong Kong-based kiri™’s version boasts antimicrobial, moisture-wicking and stain-resistant technology, with each brief having the capacity for holding up to 50ml of liquid — the equivalent of 5.5 regular tampons or 2.75 pads. If you’re keen to try, a two-pack bundle of kiri™’s seamless, leak-proof underwear in black and a pretty light blue colourway is currently 15% off through the month.

The kiri™ daywear panties bundle set is priced at HK$488 through 30 September. Pre-order here.


There is one sweet-and-simple aim that motivates Hong Kong-based LUÜNA: To make periods better. And sure it will, if not already been the go-to switch for many. A comfort-first range of pads and tampons made from hypoallergenic organic cotton that has been also tried and tested by the LUÜNA team, it promises no irritability and an easy, stress-free period week — as it should be! Even better news, all of LUÜNA’s packaging is recyclable; good for the body and great for the environment.

Already a patron of Luuna’s cotton range? Look for the reusable range of period cups, too, created from super-soft medical-grade silicone that will bend and flex to fit any shape and be good for use for up to 8 years. 

Shop LUÜNA here


Forget uncomfortable cardboard applicators from days of yore, Dame is the new and improved edition of the reusable temple applicator that leads first with comfort. Sleek and easy to use with a simple push, this reusable version, ideated by medical engineers, is designed to last for life and made from Mediprene with antibacterial properties. Meaning natural sanitisers that rid away all the nasties germs and bacteria. Just give it a good wash and slot it back into its handy dandy packable case after each use.

There’s also a reusable period pad worth considering too, with as much absorbency as a super plus-size tampon, it’ll be a restful sleep during the night and a peace of mind during more rigorous workouts.

Shop Dame here


It looks the same, it wears the same, but Thinx’s underwear is not the same at all. In fact, it’s probably better since your period days will graciously thank you for it. Knowing that each and every period flow is different; in turn, the thoughtful range of fit-first underwear are tagged with an absorbency metre to help you find the best fit for whatever the occasion: high-waist briefs that’ll last you all night long to a sports selection for more active wearer on adventure packed days.

Shop Thinx here


Sometimes a simple design is all it takes to impress. Nixit is one such product. A period cup redesigned in a disc-like shape, it’s small, simple, straight-forward. Just better. Why? There’s no confusing size differences. No awkward bends, folds, No uncomfortable squeezing and squirming. Instead, this palm-sized, suction-free cup is one-size-fits-all, and stays in place naturally, no matter what kind of activities you have planned. Made in Canada from 100% medical grade BPA-free silicone, it’s comfortable to wear, too. No leaks, guaranteed.

Shop Nixit here


From a single glance, it’s quick to assume the Lena cup as one of the others. In fact, it’s a lot different; tinkered with clever details that will revolutionise the traditional period cup experience. A rounder base gives the cup its distinct bell shape profile to sit sealed and comfortable all day long; and four teeny-tiny air holes maintain a clean, aerated flow — completely warranting its recognition as the best beginners cups. The basic Lena cup comes in two sizes, small and large, designed for different types of flow, with a special sensitive cup, made of slightly softer silicone. Not to mention the Lena cups comes in a fun range of bright colours.

Shop Lena here

The Organic Project (TOP)

Each one of the tampons and pads from The Organic Project (TOP) is sustainably sourced, made from 100 percent Certified Organic Cotton and are free of synthetics, rayons, toxics and dyes. Comfort- and fit-first priorities will rid away any anxieties of leakage — it’ll be a stress free week! It’s no fuss, no frills, but a simple, down-to-the-point concept at The Organic Project: clean, eco-friendly products that are good for the body and even better for the planet. It goes a step further and donates period products to school, shelters and nonprofits with every purchase. We’re true fans.

Shop The Organic Project here


There are a lot of things to love about Saalt. The playful name, taken after the condiment, is one. In fact, the name is intentional; a raw, natural mineral that is essential for our bodies. A premise which Saalt’s products springboard off: distinct essentials that are good for the body. Saalt’s reusable cups are smoother, gentler and a little more rounder on the edges — the final product of founder Cherie Hoeger’s 14 sketches — made with a comfortable, velvet-soft finish. There’s also a newly extended Saalt Wear, too. Sustainable high-absorbent underwear that comes in all shapes and sizes: high-briefs, hipsters, thongs. This is period care, upgraded.

Shop Saalt here


Underwear brand Knix makes leak-proof underwear look so sleek, so simple! No awkward padding or bulky bumps. The magic is in its construction: Triple-layered technology that ensures fresh, dry wear, yet still manages to soak up an equivalent to eight tampons. It’s a function-first design, being moisture wicking, quick-drying and odour-free,  yet still caters to a small dash of frills. Spot the delightful range of cuts and colour, from a set of all-black briefs or an earthy pink thong, they’re set to guarantee no-stress period weeks. Plus they’re seamless!

Shop Knix here


The story behind Canadian-brand Aisle is all in its name; to unapologetically bring back the confidence, comfort and respect when browsing through the period aisle. Originally named Lunapads, the brand, cofounded by Madeleine Shaw and Suzanne Siemens, began with cloth-made period pads and leak-proof underwear with an absorbency equivalent to two tampons — and still are championed as the companies’ crowd today. There are pretty abstract patterns in deep, jewelled-tone palettes; pieces that you’d actually reach for on the daily. 

Shop Aisle here

This article was originally written by Lorria Sahmet on 23 April 2021, and updated by Joey Wong on 9 September 2021.

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