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Got chronic stress? Bioresonance Therapy at Younibody can help

The term ‘Bioresonance Therapy’ might sound strange at first. However, this growing method of alternative medicine has been lauded as a soft, non-invasive method of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of ailments, from allergy to chronic fatigue to constipation. It does this by changing your body’s bad energy frequencies into good ones.

What is Bioresonance Therapy?

“Being on the same wavelength” and “feeling good vibes” turns out to have a much deeper meaning in the context of Bioresonance Therapy, which suggests that when we are unwell, the cells in our body are communicating with each other — and vibrating — on a different frequency than what is considered a normal healthy level.

To remedy that, therapists administer a corrective electromagnetic frequency via conductive rods or electrode pads. A treatment with no meds involved and no dieting and exercise? It sounds too good to be true.

Launched earlier this year is Younibody — a range of holistic healthcare centres attached to the seven Goji Studios gyms across the city — which dedicates a large portion of its programme to Bioresonance Therapy. Other services include lab tests that help to determine your genetic profile, check for food intolerances and uncover hormonal imbalances. The tests particularly focus on helping clients with weight management, sleep and stress regulation, fertility, and even cigarette addiction or skin allergies.

Bioresonance Therapy - DNA test

The Health Assessment

As I spend most of my time sitting at a desk, I am primarily concerned about improving issues such as water retention, bloating and of course, figuring out how to shed stubborn weight (okay, I could do more exercise, I know). I decided to drop in for a few trial sessions to see what Bioresonance Therapy was really about, and whether the treatment can really work its magic on chronic disorders as it claims.

The Younibody centre at The L Place is just a corner of the Goji Studios gym floor itself, a modest space with its own receptionist and a few small offices. When you go for your first appointment, you’ll sit in the therapist’s office to do a quick health assessment by holding a conductor rod — I didn’t feel anything, but some people may notice a slight tingly feeling as it measures the energy wavelengths in your body.

A second, more comprehensive assessment is conducted next: you slip on a pair of large black headphones, and for the next 20 minutes or so, you hear a distant, tiny ringing sound as it measures the frequencies in each of your major organs in turn — detecting its stress levels, energy reserves and any pathological processes. On the screen, different pictograms of organs show up with flashing markers determining whether or not they’re at optimal level, or a total mess. In my case, alarmingly enough, angry downturned triangles indicated that most of mine were the latter.

A report is printed out to show you exactly what your imbalances are. For me, the verdict was that my gastrointestinal system was poor — meaning frequent indigestion of nutrients and lots of bathroom irregularity, common with stressed out office workers with bad diets (check and check). My spleen, kidney, half of my heart and thyroid gland also lit up like red Christmas lights, meaning my circulation needed major help, and that my body wasn’t very good at getting rid of toxins. Hence my bad circulation and frequent water retention.

From this, my therapist recommended a course of action: the first Bioresonance Therapy session would be to ready the body for detoxifying, before the following sessions where we would focus on gut health, lymph activation and circulation, thyroid activation to boost metabolism, and finally, lipolysis — convincing my body to burn fat stores rather than all my blood sugar.

The Treatment

I did one session every week for five weeks.

Each session began with a short, basic ‘energy treatment’ which was to prepare the body to accept therapeutic frequencies.

For the treatment, we are giving the frequency that the body should be working at,” the therapist Rachel explained. “For example, if the brain has a lot of hyperactivity resulting in difficulty sleeping, what we do is to give the brain the frequency it should be working at. This is kind of like harmonising a choir — when it’s imbalanced, the cells are singing out of pitch or not in tune. They’re not communicating well and working well as a tissue system. The treatment has an overriding, very loud voice saying ‘this is the correct pitch you should be singing at,’ and the cell vibrations can be tuned to that new frequency.”

I had to give a saliva sample into a cotton pad, which went into a glass jar to be scanned by the Bicom machine in order to create the correct frequency that would supposedly balance whatever was needed in my body. Then, depending on the focus for the treatment, I’d hold two brass rods or metal balls, or have an electrode pad against my stomach, back or neck for the duration of each treatment.

The treatment room itself unfortunately feels a little too clinical, with drab office décor typical of a doctor’s office. Here is where all the treatments are done, with you sitting in a white armchair the entire time. Thankfully, the lights dim and the chair reclines, so you have the opportunity to take a short nap in peace as the Bicom machine goes through its therapy sequence.

After the first therapy session, I felt nothing throughout my body, felt nothing special afterwards, and went to bed with no noticeable difference that night. How frustrating, I thought.

I was already skeptical of the whole procedure, especially when the therapist once introduced a dietary supplement pill to be scanned into the system, to be emitted back through my body at an ‘amplified level’ — why couldn’t I just take the supplement itself? It convinced me that the philosophy behind Bioresonance Therapy seemed all too woo-woo — based on something mostly spiritual rather than scientific. It was lovely to think that “every object and being has a frequency” the same way you can romanticise how “every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name…” as the Disney song goes.

Then, something miraculous (and kind of TMI) happened. After the second session, which focused on trying to regulate my bowels and gut absorption and overall health, I went. A lot. Healthily. Like four times in a day, when I used to be lucky to have that in a week. I did nothing different. If this was the detoxing power of an hour’s worth of sitting in a room clutching metal orbs, I was pleasantly surprised. From then, I really began to take notice of what I was putting in my body and started to really watch how much activity I was doing each day.

Annoyingly, for the third session (focusing on lymph activation and to reduce adrenal fatigue), when I expected my water retention to dramatically improve as much as the previous session did for my digestion, it had the opposite effect, making me swell up even more for the following few days.

For the fourth session, which focused on thyroid activation, I couldn’t help feeling dizzy with a slight headache the entire next day. I was also absolutely knackered during the treatment, falling into a heavy sleep and feeling tired the whole afternoon afterwards.

For my final treatment, a metabolism and stress reduction session also completely knocked me out, but after five consecutive weeks of treatment and (sub-conscious) self-monitoring, I could already feel my energy levels increasing and my day-to-day mood uplifted compared to the previous month.

The Takeaway

Where Younibody normally recommends at least 10 sessions to really start to see adequate results for your health concerns, I could already notice small changes in just five. The biggest improvement was in my gastrointestinal health, though this didn’t really show up in the numbers. Comparing the two ‘report cards’ following two health assessments at the start and at the end of my five sessions, where a normal range was loosely 34.4–35.6, I started at a 28.6 and ended with a 29.3. Yes, these are arbitrary numerical differences. Despite that, at the end of five sessions I already felt more alert and light on my feet.

What comes with a package of Bioresonance Therapy at Younibody is also invaluable suggestions for a holistic lifestyle overhaul to help you fix your health concerns — recommending food supplements, dietary changes and even a dedicated workout plan at Goji Studios. To me, the true benefit of taking on Bioresonance Therapy was in its body diagnoses and how it makes you monitor your own health over anything else. It makes you more in tune with your body, and you feel more accountable for what you’re doing to it every day.

Whether an additional five sessions would have helped me further is unknown, but if anything, it taught me to be truly mindful of my diet and exercise. I didn’t like how you can’t measure or know exactly how each session might impact you, but it’s the assessments that really let you dig deep, and monitor every little aspect of your health that needs improvement. Even though they’re not conclusive health reports, it’s fascinating to learn what your body needs: anything from iron and magnesium levels to improving blood viscosity to kidney function.

Undergoing Bioresonance Therapy was without question a valuable way to start taking charge of my own health. The next step: taking a lab test to figure out how I can effectively achieve a healthy lifestyle, tailored to my needs.

Book your free first consultation at Younibody; Bioresonance Therapy sessions start at HK$890/session; HK$8,500 for 10 sessions

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