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Here’s how you’re going to stick to those New Year’s fitness goals

It’s the first week of January, and right now you’re feeling heavy, bloated, and probably still full of wine and cheese — it’s definitely time for a detox after the holidays. Chances are you’ve already resolved to getting fitter in 2017, but the real challenge is in how to maintain the mindset beyond the first few weeks of spiked motivation. Here are 12 ways to help you keep committed to your New Year’s fitness resolutions in the long run.

Surround yourself with the right food


If your main concern is making wrong food choices, look to meal plan companies such as Eatology, which curates calorie controlled meals for your specific needs each day that won’t leave you hungry for more. Full plans include three meals and two snacks each day, with dishes created by Michelin-trained chefs in collaboration with a dietician, so you can rest assured they’re flavoursome as well as chock-full of nutrients, as well made with clean, hormone-free and organic produce. Meal programs start from $308 a day.

Want to take the headache of meal planning completely out of your week? Starting from $975 a week, Crave’s weekly menu has flexible options up to three meals, seven days a week, all tailored to your dietary requirements and goal calorie intake each day and delivered straight to your door.

Foodie Etcetera

If you’re not looking to start with such a hardcore calorie-restrictive meal plan, catering company Foodie Etcetera can help steer your food choices in the right direction. Focusing on using seasonal ingredients, healthy oils, lean meats, simple seasonings and plenty of variety, you won’t get bored with eating salads and healthy bowls every day, and at the same time, they incorporate at least five to eight different types of veggies, seeds and nuts in every box so you just know it’ll be as filling as it is nutritious.


Balance is important, which means it’s good to treat yourself once in awhile, and when it’s guilt free, why not? As the weather gets warmer, check out the range of fabulous acai and fruit bowls by Bejuiced, which is a great, superfood-packed alternative to curb dessert and ice cream cravings. Toppings run the gamut of your favourite seasonal fruits to healthnut must-haves such as hemp seed, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, flavoured Rawnola and more. The shop also sells a range of raw desserts and hot drinks like ciders and chai almond milk tea.

Eat your veggies

20160301 Mr Green Juice-WTFS-8036

The old adage is true, otherwise it wouldn’t be repeated by just about everyone from the nutritionist to the doctor to your mother. Some might be tempted to jump in the deep end and try a juice cleanse — but a variety of companies also offer alternative programs that might help you ease into doing one by simply upping your fruit and veg intake. On top of their regular juice and vegan diet plans, Mr Green Juice also offers a Meatless Mondays Meal Plan packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and other essential nutrients that will help offset all of the heavy feasting from previous weeks. For $2,100 a month (that’s $525 per Monday) you can choose between two options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and meals are fully customisable for your dietary needs. Meals are delivered Sunday evening for free for locations situated along the Hong Kong Island MTR line, or you can pick them up fresh at the Central office (8 Wyndham Street) on Mondays.

tomato, chickpea coconut

If you are insistent on jumpstarting your system with a liquid detox, but are reluctant to sip cold juices for sustenance in the winter months, you can look to Genie Juicery, which has just launched a soup cleanse, starting from $400 a day for five nutritious, savoury vegan soups, with varieties such as the classic carrot and turmeric, and spinach and cashew.

cover 5-high

While diving headfirst into a juice detox isn’t exactly sustainable in the long run, you might still want to rely on your own juicer for a daily boost of vitamins. To preserve those nutrients, invest in a SANS bottle, which provides a unique vacuum pump mechanism to keep your juice fresh all day. Plus, it lowers your usage of disposable plastics, which is better for the environment too — it’s win-win.

20160123 Rasa-WTFB-4263-Edit copy

But for real, long term change, you’ll have to tweak your diet to fit your own body’s specific needs so that it can work at its most efficient version. RASA is a company touting personalised nutrition, spreading awareness for people to discover their innate food intolerances or sensitivities, which affect your body in ways such as fatigue, bloat, easy weight gain, skin problems, inflammation and more. If you’re keen to improve on those symptoms and more, the 21-day RASA challenge involves an “elimination diet” to discover what your body can’t process as well so you know to avoid it in the future, as well as finding the best foods that will help you look and feel your best. The challenge involves unlimited email support and coaching, with access to periodic recipes and health tips.

Keep moving

Let’s hope you haven’t forgotten about maintaining a regular exercise schedule. If you’re only just getting up from the couch after a long hiatus from the gym, don’t try to jump into a fitness overhaul since that adds to the temptation to want to quit halfway.

It goes without saying that you should start slow, build up your strength and endurance before you can tackle hefty undertakings — for instance, functional training gym F45’s eight-week challenge, which begins on 6 February. With two branches in Sheung Wan and Wan Chai, this Aussie brand of training helps you power through new workouts each time, made up of a wide range of strength-building and heart-thumping weight and cardio moves that last just 45 seconds each. Paired with a workout plan, the challenge also equips you with a free set of recipes and nutrition guide, customisable shopping list, as well as tracks your progress via its website portal.

Selvedge XYZ

Speaking of starting slow, perhaps a swag bag will incentivise your next return trip to the gym this month. At longtime spinning stalwart XYZ, guys can get a grooming gift from Italian men’s grooming brand Selvedge just by signing up to its classes through 20 January. Every guy who signs up to a selected spinning class at XYZ will receive one of the brand’s core range of face wash, moisturiser, pomade or grooming wax. Check the gym’s website to see which classes get you these goodies.

Kita Yoga

Seeking more variety in your fitness routine this year? Check out brand new yoga studio Kita Yoga, brought to town by New York finance-maven-turned-yogi Nikita Ramchandani. Tucked up in quiet PoHo, it’s an intimate, albeit gorgeously sunlit space which is full of vitality and breathing space, teaching no more than 12 students a time. Apart from Ramchandani, fitness expert Lindsay Jang (previously of TopFit) will also be teaching classes there.

Another cult following soon arriving in Causeway Bay from the US is Orangetheory Fitness, which may be the solution to busting your fitness plateau. Slated to officially open in March, OTF uses more than 1,200 custom workouts using weights, TRX, treadmills, rowers and more. The hour-long Orangetheory workout is all about exercising at the optimum heart rate zone — with 12-20 minutes total of high intensity intervals interspersed with short breaks, which help activate an after-burn so you continue to blast calories up to 36 hours after your workout.

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