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How NAD+ therapy powers CEO of LifeHub, Candice Chan

CEO of LifeHub, Candice Chan, says NAD+ therapy is the key to keeping her mind sharp and her energy levels high while running an integrative health clinic in Central.

Before she tried this ‘anti-ageing hack,’ she found it hard to wake up in the morning and would constantly battle brain fog, drinking more and more cups of coffee to counteract the mental grogginess. With such a busy schedule, she felt she was forgetting appointments more frequently and didn’t have the same energy for her workouts.

Candice Chan, CEO and Managing Director of LifeHub.

“I discovered NAD+ a few years ago and it has been life-changing,” Chan said. “So many of my clients have legitimate concerns about ageing, stamina and mental sharpness and have never heard of this treatment.”

NAD+ is known among health specialists as “the fountain of youth molecule” and “the next big thing for anti-ageing.” But what exactly is it?

What is NAD+?

NAD+ or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a critical coenzyme found in every cell of the body. Think of it as the fire starter to hundreds of reactions — without it, our body can’t function properly.

“Even after my first treatment I felt sharper and more energised almost instantly. I started remembering details much faster and easier despite my busy schedule. When I introduced it to my friends, they said they felt like they had an alertness that they’ve never felt.” Chan said. Every second, our brain cells rely on the conversion of glucose into energy to function; a pathway that requires NAD+. As such, NAD+ therapy has been shown to help with mood, energy, and mental clarity, unleashing the potential of your cognition, according to findings by Australian studies done in 2012 and 2019.

How does NAD+ therapy work?

NAD+ can be taken through supplements or an IV drip to effectively raise its levels inside the body. Often, NAD+ therapy by way of intravenous methods (i.e. IV drip) is preferred to ensure better absorption.

With numerous clinical trials, NAD+ therapy is considered safe, showing that it’s well-tolerated with rare and mild side-effects. At LifeHub, the first step for NAD+ therapy is always a consultation with a medical doctor. “The process was really easy,” Chan recalls. “I talked over my health status and goals with a medical doctor first and after that discussion I went on a 10-day loading protocol to build up my NAD+ stores. Thereafter, I switched to a maintenance phase, receiving a dose every three to four weeks or whenever my energy was running low. Between doses, I got a bespoke vitamin IV drip to fill up on nutrients and keep my body charged with everything it needs.”

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Not only is NAD+ therapy amazing for short-term benefits, it also helps with inflammation, symptoms of ageing, chronic diseases and, potentially, longevity. As Chan says, “It is one of my favourite treatments along with the Glutathione IV. It’s powered me through my busy schedule and allows me to work and play more efficiently. I also know it’s slowing down my ageing process, so what’s there not to like?”