Coming down with a common case of post-holiday blues? Us too.

For whatever reason, this week seems to have dragged on longer than usual. Which is why we’re setting up the coming weekend as one reserved for some well-earned self-care. Only one thing is on the agenda, other than perhaps a new spot to eat, three words that’ll no doubt be a delight to your ears: At Home Spa. The modern day ailment for weary work crowds.

Image courtesy of Heidi Kaden/ Unsplash

A calming ambience

Press play on the soundtrack that’ll lull you into a gentle meditative stance: the crashing of waves, the pattering of trickling droplets, the low hum of a vibrating sound bowl. A moment of calm, quiet, peace. Ah. Solace from the awful 9-5. Settle into the tranquil ambience with a gentle waft of scents made to soothe — lavender, bergamot, camomile — in the form of a flickering candle or lightly diffused reeds. Both, if you’re in need of a serious wind down. Byredo’s Cotton Poplin is a favourite, so is Diptyque’s Baies. Reset the energy of the room and position well-charged crystals on the edge of the tub. Screens off, self-care begins now….

Photo courtesy of Mathilde Langevin/Unsplash

A perfect soak

It’s not truly an evening of relaxation without the warm, scented bath, which, has been said to be helpful in draining stress and relieving any built-up tension — particularly tangled knots from being in an office chair all day. Ideal temperature ranges at a cosy 37°C to 40°C. Dim the lights and lay back, immersed in the deliciously scented bubbles. A chilled glass of wine kept close by. Perhaps even a sneaky ramekin of chocolate truffles. It’s an evening of indulgence, after all. A drip of scented bath oil will help you fully decompress; softening the skin and soothing tired minds all at once.

A rejuvenating rinse

It’s a full-body exfoliation kind of evening. Don’t skip out on a final scrub which, considering the pamper-packed circumstance, will run beyond the gamut of drab lather and rinse routine. Treat your scalp to something a little fancier than usual, Drunk Elephant’s Littles Hair and Body selection is lovely place to start, particularly the Happi Scalp Scrub that will rub in like a much-needed head massage, or the Cocomino shampoo and conditioner to bring the shine back into silky smooth locks. For the skin, a classic mud-mask-and-cucumber-eye-patch moment to serenade screen-strained eyes and tired complexions. Finish with a homemade sugar scrub — or Aesop’s Redemption version — to buff away the dirt and grime.

Image courtesy of Annie Spratt/ Unsplash

A peaceful sleep

Then, the most anticipated part to the evening: Sleep. Sweet, sweet slumber. All refreshed and relaxed, those cloud-soft cotton sheets and feather-down pillow looks oh-so-inviting to sink into. Undisturbed dreams. Switched off tabs for 6am morning alarms. Give yourself the most wonderful snooze with a spritz of This Works lavender oil scented pillow spray — a therapeutic blend than soothes and calms. Or something of a little more decadence, the smoky burn of natural resin that’ll ease and relax anxious minds and bring the outdoors woody aroma into bedrooms. We’d prefer it old-school: a good book, some sleep sounds and counting soaring sheep. Sleep tight.

Header image courtesy of Photoholgic/Unsplash

Lorria Sahmet
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