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How wellness experts in Hong Kong are setting mindful intentions for 2021

The 3… 2… 1… moment has passed us by yet again. Another rotation around the sun; another set of New Year’s resolutions. Instead of lofty weight-loss goals that will surely get thrown wayward a month into the new year, we’re committing to 2021 resolutions that are a little bit kinder — to our minds and bodies. A little more mindful. A little more reflective than in years past.

We’ve chit-chatted with experts in the fields of mental health, meditation and spiritual wellness in Hong Kong this month, in hopes of gleaning tips and ideas for setting up mindful intentions this year. Here’s what they said…

(Header image courtesy of The New Moon)

the new moon inner compass cards

Kaye Dong, founder of The New Moon, says…

Let love lead the way.

With extended social distancing, limited contact and all the restrictions imposed upon us due to the pandemic, we can easily feel isolated and lonely. It is easy to lose touch with the importance of true human connection, but staying connected is human nature. In 2021, we must give importance to connecting and nurturing the connections and relationships we have with ourselves and those we love.

I turn to my Inner Compass Love Cards, as part of my morning ritual, for daily intuition and meaningful guidance. The cards offer a way out of our scattered ‘monkey minds’ and always provide much needed clarity. There are absolutely no rules to how to use the cards. Each card is always meant for me at that moment in time and guides me on my path to a life filled with love.

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mind hk

Teresa Chan, Clinical Advisor of Mind HK, says…

Invest time towards a hobby

Engaging in activities we enjoy or learning new skills can have huge benefits for our mental health. This can involve simply continuing something you already enjoy, improving on an existing hobby or taking up something new that you have always wanted to try. Having a focus or a hobby can provide a sense of purpose, create opportunity for connection and can even improve self-esteem as we learn and develop new skills.

Embrace the opportunity to try something new! Try out a new recipe, join a book club, schedule a virtual painting session, work on a DIY project, explore a new genre of music or learn a new language. Whatever you choose to do, aim to dedicate time to it, whether it is daily, a few days a week or even just weekly, as engaging in an interest and grasping opportunities to learn will help to promote a positive, healthier start to 2021.

Learn more about Mind HK here.

Valerie Ho, co-founder of OMSA, says…

As we set sail into 2021 and engage in goals and intentions for the new year, OMSA invites you to take a different approach than in years before. Instead of focusing on external goals, consider paying closer attention to the laws of energetic attraction. What you seek is also seeking you. Practice calling forth a state of being with a simple affirmation, repeated with your hand over your heart. Example: ‘I am peaceful, I am calm, I am in balance, I am at ease. I am healthy, in body and mind.’ By consciously deciding the energetic vibration you want to embody, the feelings of peace, calm, balance, ease, health will flow easily to you.

Practice five minute of self-tolerance when you awake in the morning: We have the rest of the day to be critical of ourselves and to demand perfection as we perform task after task. Start the morning with a self-tolerance practice, gently guiding your thoughts inwards with words of positive affirmation. Focus on your breath, pay attention to your thoughts and ensure you are speaking to yourself in a gentle manner.

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bird meditation

Bird Meditation says…

Set intentions

Instead of writing down your resolutions, think about setting intentions this year. While resolutions set goals for the future, intentions are principles that guide your actions day-to-day, in the present moment. For example, your intention might be to ‘live a healthy life’, which can be supported by actions like sleep early, drink water and exercise three times a week. By not limiting yourself to one specific method, you open yourself up to a range of possibilities and increase your chances of achieving.

Practice mindfulness

Start a formal practice to cultivate mindfulness in your life. Regarded as one of the most effective mindfulness practices, meditation can help you change your relationship to stress, become laser focused on your goals and boost your mental wellbeing.

Be kind to yourself

Don’t beat yourself up if you encounter setbacks. It’s important to be kind to yourself. Take notice of any progress you make and give yourself credit. The more you pay attention to the wins, the more likely you are to continue.

Learn more about Bird Meditation classes here.

Images courtesy of The New Moon, Mind HK, OMSA and Bird Meditation.

How wellness experts in Hong Kong are setting mindful intentions for 2021

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