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How to keep yourself accountable for your New Year’s fitness goals

Of all the typical new year’s resolutions, losing weight or getting fit tends to top the list — but sadly, these goals rarely last beyond February. Whatever your new year’s fitness goals are this year, the key is to achieve balance to prevent burnout and keep you going strong into 2019. We spoke to four fitness pros in Hong Kong for their best tips on how to keep yourself on track this year.

Think long term
new year's fitness goals - james theos - oneten
The F in F45 stands for functional.

“Exercising for the long term is the key to success: I would recommend functional training, as building muscle and increasing strength is an arduous process that takes years. It’s important to keep your training fresh and exciting whilst limiting your chances of injury. To do this, try focusing on using dumbbells and other free weights instead of machines and heavy barbells to avoid developing any imbalances and impingement.

In terms of patience and consistency, adopting the latest diet fad is never a good idea as it won’t yield long term results. Telling someone to never eat carbs again when carbs are at the forefront of their lifestyle will not work and will ultimately lead to yo-yo dieting and binge eating. It’s important to not overeat calorie dense foods, get in a good amount of protein and every now and then give yourself a treat to keep your eyes on the prize.”

— James Theos, OneTen* Instructor at F45

* OneTen is a social enterprise aiming to spread the love for an active lifestyle for Gen-Z youth from ages 14–22, and has partner fitness studios all around Hong Kong; F45, XYZ and Kita Yoga are a few of them.

Love and commit to your new routine
new year's fitness goals - kita yoga
Boutique studio Kita Yoga opened in 2017.

“Believe that we are privileged to be able to move our bodies: do things to make yourself feel good and your body will start to crave your new healthy habits — also, be sure to restore after a workout, treat yourself and foam roll!

Stay consistent, create and keep a routine, and commit to yourself. Remind yourself of the intention of your new goal to give purpose to your actions. It’s okay to have “slip-up days”, just get back on track. This is not a short term solution, this is life; learn to love the process and be patient with your progress.”

— Nikita Ramchandani, founder and yoga instructor at Kita Yoga

Break it down into smaller, reachable goals
new year's fitness goals - louis doctrove
Louis Doctrove trains at TopFit.

“I would advise clients to not set such generic and vague goals such as “get fit” for a start. Long term goals can actually have a negative effect on your motivation. If you’ve never been serious about your training before, the thought of a year-long transformation process can kill most people’s motivation before they even start. You need to break your progress down into four-week blocks, that way you’re focusing all your efforts, a month at a time, on your specific goals. Each month, change the goal slightly to stop you from getting bored of the same thing.”

— Louis Doctrove, head trainer at TopFit

Live your goals
new year's fitness goals - david tanner
David Tanner is the founder of Women’s Five, a 5k ladies-only run that benefits charity.

“The first place to start is probably with S.M.A.R.T. goals – ones that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. However, I’d like to add the following ideas and tips…

First, write down your goals. Put them somewhere visible and read them every day. Stats show you are around 42% more likely to achieve a goal if you see it and read it everyday, which puts you at a huge advantage. It could be the main goal written down, or a daily calendar with your workout routine or habits you aspire to drawn up — where you can cross off each day as you go. This helps to stay motivated and other people can also see it, which keeps you more accountable.

Visualise. Imagine you’ve already achieved your goal or habit, how do you feel? Step into that person’s shoes. Walk around and do the things that person would do. It’s all about living your goal. You will be there in no time.

Change your circle of influence. Hang out with, or regularly interact with people who have similar goals, or people who have already achieved what you want to achieve.”

— David Tanner, founder and director of Women’s Five Run and HKRunning

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