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Get your fitness on at home with these online virtual programmes

And here we go again. Bars, closed. Beauty parlours, closed. Gyms, closed. If you’re a fitness newbie who’s only one class into her New Year’s resolution (hi, it’s me), these Omicron-related restrictions might have thrown a wrench into your, uh, #skinnylegend goals for 2022.

Online fitness programmes, then, are your best bet for a routine that’s always on. We all chuckled at Peloton when its advertisement made the rounds through social media however many waves ago, but the luxury of a stationary bicycle that comes attached to a 24-inch HD screen streaming live studio classes? Incredibly of-the-times. In fact, it’s an at-home ‘immersive cardio’ experience so many boutique gyms and fitness apps are attempting to recreate.

If your jogging route or jump-rope routine have been leaving you feeling a touch uninspired lately, consider these following online fitness programmes.

Sweat It Out At Home With These Online Fitness Programmes:

Emi Wong’s online fitness programmes

There isn’t much that defines an at-home workout more than you, a water bottle and your favourite fitness influencer, projected onto your television screen as you attempt to follow through in stride. If you’ve ever sweated through a Chloe Ting workout in the early days of the pandemic, you’re most probably already on Emi Wong’s radar. This Hong Kong-based influencer has a ‘certified advanced personal trainer’ qualification under her belt and a website rife with free workout programmes — all linking back to Wong’s ultra-successful YouTube channel. Be assured, Wong’s ‘Workout Programs’ are easy to follow, with clearly-defined date ranges like 10- and 15-day challenges.

Learn more about Emi Wong’s workout programs here.

Kita Yoga’s Kita Live and Kita TV

From a cosy corner in Sheung Wan to the four walls of your own living room, Kita Yoga’s vinyasa-based classes can still be enjoyed live, albeit virtually — simply reserve a mat through their online system. If on-demand classes to be taken at the comfort of your own pace align more seamlessly with your day-to-day schedule, Kita TV — an unlimited access to the studio’s entire content library, updated monthly with yoga, meditation and sculpt classes — is a subscription worth considering.

Pricing starts at US$20 (HK$155) a month. Learn more about Kita TV here.

Flye Fitness’s online workouts

For many, fitness classes are not simply an activity with a means to an end. We go for the camaraderie. The energy. The sweat and reps and gains that somehow feel that much more deserved when achieved alongside a group of strangers and near-strangers. Flye Fitness’s online catalogue — which encompasses the likes of Dance Cardio and HIIT programmes — are cast in the shadow of a neon-light sign, basking the on-screen studio in a purple-hued ambience that has the same high-energy vibes as their in-studio classes. In fact, Flye Fitness offers “Quarantine Packs” (prices separated into HK$500 and HK$800 with a heart-rate tracker included in the latter), with unlimited and on-demand livestreams available for 21 days, plus two in-studio passes included for after. At-home dance party, anyone?

Learn more about Flye Fitness’s online workouts, free for members and quarantine-pack holders, here.

H-Kore’s online services

Strengthen, stretch and sweat. Those are the three S’s that define H-Kore’s training philosophy, forged under co-founders Vanessa Valenzuela and Vivienne Fitzpatrick’s love for the Lagree Fitness technique; a workout not available in Hong Kong until H-Kore brought it into existence. Choose between live-streamed and on-demand classes — which includes fan-favourite KettleKore, CiruitKore and MegaKore classes amongst others — or personal training sessions with groups of up to five.

A 7-day unlimited-access package to H-Kore’s prerecorded library of classes cost HK$200. A live-streamed personal training session for groups from two to five cost HK$800. Learn more about H-Kore’s online fitness services here.

Pure Fitness and Yoga’s PURECAST

If you’re going to miss schlepping Pure’s signature black-and-red sneaker bag to an after-work gym session, this is for you. PURECAST is the fitness juggernaut’s answer to at-home workouts; a Zoom-led programme boasting 120 yoga and fitness classes — including favourites like Tabata, Power Abs and Total Body Conditioning — weekly for existing PURE cardholders and non-cardholders alike. Non-cardholders simply need to fill out a form with their relevant information for access. Beyond PURECAST, PURECAST360.com is home to 800+ videos; a complimentary treasure trove of content including on-demand yoga classes and a how-to pose library, no membership needed. No excuses now for not getting that Bakasana pose down.

Learn more about PURECAST here and PURECAST360 here.

WeBarre’s Virtual Studio

Anyone that has ever taken a barre class will attest to how deceptively difficult the practice is. For the uninitiated, barre classes take movements from ballet, pilates and strength training; in fact, it’s barre’s dance-adjacent origins that emphasise the workout’s insistence on posture and form. WeBarre — founded in Singapore with a single Hong Kong outpost — has a solid virtual schedule, with daily classes that range from WeBarre Fundamentals to Bootcamp sessions. Until we can step foot into their Hollywood Road location, find us perfecting those small, quick movements, repeated until points of exhaustion, that burn in the comforts of our own homes with the studio’s virtual programme of up to three classes a day.

Use code “VIRTUALCOMP” for a free virtual class, valid through 11 January. Learn more about WeBarre’s virtual schedule here.

Trybe HK’s Trybe Online

Swinging upside-down from a trapeze donning face-paint and a sequin-stewn leotard may be but a pipe dream for most of us; Trybe HK’s unique set of classes, however, brings the circus down to ground level with beginner-friendly classes. From perfecting handstands for adults to parkour sessions for children, Trybe’s virtual rota stays on theme with the gym’s signature gymnastic-strength offerings; now, engineered for at-home work-outs with only a few requirements: A Wi-Fi connection, a Zoom account, space the size of a yoga mat and a free wall (or, sofa) for leaning against during handstand conditioning classes. Choose between their free 45 minute classes, private classes and, even, outdoor private sessions.

Learn more about Tribe HK’s online fitness classes here.

This article was first published on 13 January 2021 and updated on 9 January 2022.
Get your fitness on at home with these online virtual programmes

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