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Review: OSIM uSqueez 3 Leg Massager is a personalised, around-the-clock masseuse for your home

What’s better than an excellent leg massage? An at-home massager that’ll do it all and more — here’s OSIM’s uSqueez 3.

There probably is already some version of an OSIM stationed in the middle of your living room — or perhaps, your parent’s living room — but the latest launch from the household brand, the uSqueez 3 Leg Massager, is unlike any other. It’s a smarter, sleeker model you’d want for yourself, that’s also extra intuitive to really make sure all those knots and kinks are carefully worked out.

“We are incredibly proud of the OSIM uSqueez 3 as it marks our latest innovative milestone and the pinnacle of foot massagers,” says Jenny Yip, General Manager of OSIM. “We are also continuing to innovate and reform OSIM as a dynamic brand, and we hope to reach a new, younger demographic to match our brand’s vision.”

What is the uSqueez 3?

In the words of OSIM, the uSqueez 3 is described as the “world’s first smart leg massager”, which also means that instead of the usual two-button panel for direction and strength, the uSqueez 3 is programmed to practice the exact push-and-pull movements of a real-life massage. At the moment, it covers a range of five different treatments: Chinese Tui-Na, Thai Stretch, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Balinese Balance and Japanese Shiatsu. Each are tailored to address different concerns — particularly in relation to urban lifestyle concerns that spans across stress, muscle aches and lack of sleep — with specific techniques set to target different sections of the leg for an alternate experience. The Chinese Tui-Na, for example, follows the usual method of stimulating acupressure points to aid blood circulation and improve overall “Qi” energy; while the Thai Stretch aims to alleviate tension, tendon strain and joint inflammation.

OSIM uSqueez3

As for the visuals of the uSqueez 3, it’s a sleeker, more sophisticated structure that’s awash in matte black with chrome accents to blend in seamlessly with any home. No more jarring jewel tones that stick out within a thoughtfully designed room, the uSqueez 3 is instead designed to be considered as a stylish accent. But, it’s not entirely compact in size. Measuring out to 48cm in height and 54 in width and without the transformative option to be converted into an armchair or footrest, the machine takes up a good chunk of space, especially in the limited square-footage of tight Hong Kong apartments. However, there is a positive: it fits snugly with standard furniture pieces — tucked against the sofa, placed by the edge of your bed and hidden under dining tables.

How is the OSIM uSqueez 3 different?

What really sets the uSqueez 3 apart from already-existing others is the specially designed kneading panels that intuitively move up and down to massage the entire calf and thigh — as opposed to traditional machines with a singular focus. The adjustable panels — fitted with built-in 360° Roller Nodes — automatically detect the height of calves, the body’s meridian pathways and acupressure points with full accuracy to offer focused, short-run treatments to targeted areas.

Enveloping the back panels is the patented GripKnead Technology, engineered to mimic the firm hand-grip of a professional masseuse. This is continued at the base of the machine with another patented Reflexology Rollers that stimulate reflex points on the arches in a similar wrap-and-knead motion. The rest of the uSqueez 3 is fitted with Dual Area Warmth which warms the thigh, calf and sole with a gradual heating that reaches up to a toasty 48°C, a technique commonly used by physiotherapists.

Compatible with OSIM’s Relax & Relieve app, the leg massager builds upon a menu of existing functions, including downloadable programs that OSIM routinely adds and updates from time to time. Opening up to a familiar page of customisable toggles, it allows for an even more personalised program by adjusting everything from calf height and width, kneading intensity, roller direction and warmth.

Do you need it?

For massage devotees who swear by their bi-weekly treatment, OSIM uSqueez 3 might not offer the same personalised depth and intensity they’re typically used to from a dedicated masseuse, although it is a worthy in-between option ahead of your next appointment. The availability of range — with the potential for more — makes this a considerable investment, with the ease of being in the comfort of your own home a welcomed flexibility that does not involve frantic — frankly, stress-inducing — messages of appointment changes and adjustments from your spa.

OSIM uSqueez3

If you’re usually not too keen on massages, the uSqueez 3 won’t do much in changing your mind. It is, after all, intended to bring the full foot massage experience closer to home. But if you are intrigued, I’d suggest making a one-off appointment at your local spa first before splurging on a less complicated model to familiarise yourself with OSIM’s machines and app — which is not the most straightforward to use. After all, the uSqueez 3, priced at a steep HK$7,980, is a good-to-have luxury, a fancy addition to a modern smart home, especially if you’ve got the time to spare to use it during the week and enough room at home to keep it around.

Should we be headed for another lockdown from unending quarantine regulations, however, the uSqueez 3 will be a perfect setup.

OSIM‘s uSqueez 3 Leg Massager is currently on sale for HK$5,880 (usually HK$7,980). Orders can be placed here.

Lorria Sahmet
After two years writing in luxury retail, Lorria now covers food and drink happenings in Hong Kong. When not taste-testing for the best fries in the city (shoestring, always!), find her at home obsessing over tableware and attempting a fruit garden on her tiny bay window. She is happiest by the ocean with a giant fishbowl-glass of Aperol Spritz.
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