Constantly inspired by various Asian philosophies of wellbeing, Dutch cosmetics and wellness brand Rituals has just dropped its latest chapter of products, The Ritual of Jing, this time dedicated to rest and sleep.

In good timing, too: Today marks a special occasion, and no, it’s not just ‘Friday’, though office workers who grind the 9-5 are no doubt looking longingly to the end of the week for some much-needed R&R. Today, 13 March happens to be World Sleep Day, which aims to spread awareness of the human need for adequate and high-quality rest. More often than not in contemporary lifestyles with busy schedules and overused screen time, sleep is the first thing to be compromised. World Sleep Day is held each year on the Friday before the Spring Vernal Equinox each year, or the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere, with messages and events officiated by the World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society, looking to alleviate or improve sleep problems and disorders in our society.

What better occasion than this, then, for Rituals to launch The Ritual of Jing? The name of the collection here relates to the Chinese word for calmness and tranquility, or jing, and is split into two ranges: Relax and Sleep.

Rituals - Jing

For constantly high-strung individuals, Relax will be one to reach for, with a dedicated fragrance based on the essential oils of Sacred Lotus and Jujube, which have calming and soothing properties. It’s a calming bouquet of blossoms, rounded out with soft warm woods and musks. Products featured are seemingly more daytime focused, such as body mist, anti-perspirant, and shower foam, a Rituals favourite.

For those who feel like they struggle to fall sound asleep, perhaps the products in the Sleep collection can help. This range features a soothing fragrance of Lavender and Sacred Wood, which work to promote the quality of sleep. Opening with citrus notes before easing your nerves with lavender and a woody and musky base, this scent is available through products that enhance a nighttime routine, such as a scented sleep pillow, a massage candle, bath salts, shower oil and more.

Rituals - Jing

A proper night’s sleep has been shown with increasing supporting evidence that it can help with brain function, productivity and focus, preventing heart disease, managing weight, and strengthening our immune systems — food for thought, especially during these Covid-19-stricken times. If you’ve been ruminating on ways to really enhance your Zs throughout the night, perhaps you’ll want to add Rituals’ new products to your routine.

Discover the collection here.

Evelyn Lok
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