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The world’s most exclusive yoga mat will set you back HK$117,000

If you’re a discerning yoga practitioner, chances are you already know the role a good yoga mat plays in ensuring a serene, effective session. But what if we told you that you could boost your energy field several notches simply by switching to a more exclusive yoga mat?

Enter Chakracarma yoga mats: Made of handcrafted leather and studded with precious gemstones, the mat aims to help you activate your chakras and offer a luxurious healing experience. You’d better hope for a truly transcendent experience, however, because prices for a Chakracarma mat start from US$15,000 (over HK$117,000) up to more than US$100,000 (approx. HK$780,875) depending on customisation and the weight or carat of the stones you select.

Chakracarma - yoga mat

These ultra luxurious yoga mats are designed to elevate your everyday yoga experience. Each mat gets its sparkle from a selection of gems: a diamond (0.70 carats), ruby (3.5 carats), emerald (1 carat), sapphire (2.5 carats), amber (3 carats), opal (2 carats) and carnelian (3 carats). These jewels are not merely decorative; each of them carries specific vibrations that help clear and charge your chakras, from making you feel grounded, connected and healthy, to feeling strong, creative and compassionate. There’s a stone assigned to every chakra in your body, so a yoga session on a Chakracarma mat is meant to be nothing short of a healing experience. Gemstone weight can also be completely customised to your preferences.

The mats use ethically sourced gemstones and only the finest, vegetable-tanned leather. In fact, using skins for meditation was a prevalent practice in ancient India, as yogis believed it created deeper connections with the self and the universe. These chic mats not only offer great grip and support, but also age gracefully, crafted to look even better with time — which is why they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Chakracarma - yoga mat

The yoga mats are handmade in Los Angeles by leather and jewellery artists, and they can be shipped worldwide by courier. It’s said that the feeling of utter bliss and joy that follows a yoga session is priceless — perhaps spending such a hefty sum on your new precious yoga mat might just be worth it.

Visit Chakracarma for more details.

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