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Unique flowers apart from roses that make for a unique Valentine’s Day gift

The globally celebrated day of love, warmth, and compassion – Valentine’s Day is almost there. A lovely year has just started and you must be wondering what new and different to shower your loved ones with, this time. To ensure your loved ones receive something exclusive yet special from your end this year, we have minutely curated the ultimate list of the most precious and unique flowers as well as where to buy them.

Believe it or not, gifting flowers has always dominated the list of all the possible extravagant presents for every occasion. It’s never outdated, boring or typical. You can light up any mood, given you show up with a single stem of flower or an entire bouquet. A flower is literally the best possible gift – understated yet special. Combine it with anything – handwritten letters, chocolates, sweets, a bottle of wine or champagne, books, ornaments, or even dresses, flowers add the ultimate charm to any category of presents, effortlessly.

What’s the best gift for Valentine’s Day?

Unique Flowers To Gift On Valentine's Day
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Pampering with flowers is a classic expression of love for all the right reasons. The accurate bouquet of flowers could stand out showcasing sentiments and could epitomise the landmarks of a relationship. The momentary essence of its beauty would take your loved ones to a bewitching zone where they would absolutely cherish the fragrance and the very sight of what you’ve gifted. It shall not only remind them of an ocean of memories but it will make them keep those flowers for as long as they can. For, even if flowers get dried up, they still look beautiful with some great memories soaked within. Hence, going for the right bunch of flowers would undoubtedly be the best gift for Valentine’s day.

What are the most unique flowers to gift on Valentine’s Day?

Unique Flowers To Gift On Valentine's Day
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Roses are undoubtedly a classic but what if the stylish and modish aura of your loved one strikes out all the time? You might want to surprise them with your thoughtful choice of flowers. Because when the day is exceptional, the flowers are meant to be exceptional too. Thus, subtle and elegant Calla Lilies, vibrant Ranunculus, striking Alstromaerias, lovely Carnations, Alemones, and some Rose Lillies would be some of the most unique flowers to go for this Valentine’s Day.

Calla Lilies

Unique Flowers To Gift On Valentine's Day
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A Calla Lily breathes elegance and classiness. Blossoming in some of the most striking colours like lavender, classic white, orange, pink, dark maroon, and yellow, one-of-a-kind long-stemmed Calla Lilies are absolute showstoppers. If you’re thinking of placing an order for some magnificent dark maroon or lavender or even an entire bunch of all the possible colours of Calla Lilies delicately wrapped together with gorgeous bouquet adornments, then you’re definitely thinking right.


Bouquets For Special Day
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Carnations could be found in a wide range of colours. However, the only natural colours that a Carnation has are white and pinkish purple. Rest, yellow, shades of white, green and red Carnations are formed through selective breeding. The unique flower symbolises purity and going for this luxurious bunch of beauty enveloped in a nice transparent cellophane paper would certainly stand out as a memory of the pure relationship that you’ve been sharing with your loved one.


Bouquets For Special Day
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The anemone, a vibrant, lively, and one of the most unique flowers, is not a classic Valentine’s Day choice but it definitely exhibits what you would address as modish. If you are looking forward to surprising your loved ones with something other than the traditional roses then even Anemones would be a lovely choice. The flowers epitomise protection and thus this would be an extremely thoughtful gesture from your end to express how protective you are about the relationship you share with your loved one.


Bouquets For Special Day
Image Credit: Zoe Schaeffer/Unsplash

Call these flowers semi-identical or non-identical twins of roses but these are a perfect and much-upscaled alternative to roses. The stunning Ranunculus symbolises charm and attractiveness, meaning, if you happen to deliver these unique flowers to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, showing how much you’re attracted to the person and how glued you are to the relationship, there’s nothing like it. These almost rose-like flowers would perfectly complement a person who lights up any room they walk into.


Bouquets For Special Day
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The attractive Alstroemerias are the epitome of pure friendship and dedication. It has this magnetic odour that brightens the entire ambience. Also regarded as ‘Peruvian Lilies’, the alstroemeria possesses a lot of fun colours starting from yellow to pink, white, and even orange. This Valentine’s Day, show your compassion, and your devotion towards your alliance, and redefine your friendship with these gorgeous Alstroemerias.

Rose Lillies

Bouquets For Special Day
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Rose Lilies tend to complement any smile that receives those flowers. Giving away some refreshing and feathery lilies would certainly be a sophisticated gesture. You may also add a few roses and carnations to the bouquet just to give it a vibrant and solitary touch. Utmost happiness is what a Lily epitomises and thus one heavy bunch of joy would deliver truckloads of happiness to the receiver’s doorstep.

Hero Image: Courtesy Zoe Schaeffer FLY:D/Unsplash; Feature Image: Courtesy Cindy Chan/Unsplash

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are roses the only floral symbol of love?

Answer: Roses indeed symbolise love but they aren't the only flowers that epitomise love. Flowers like Carnations, Ranunculus, and even Anemones can be used to profess your love for someone special.

Question: What other unique flowers can I gift on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Calla Lilies, Carnations, Rose Lilies, Anemones, Ranunculus, Alstroemeria make for some of the unique and precious flowers you can gift your loved ones on Valentine's Day.

Unique flowers apart from roses that make for a unique Valentine’s Day gift

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