A world without music would be positively dull, and a home without a decent sound system would be an absolute shame. Luckily for those in the market for premium speakers, Bose’s brand new stereo systems for the home push design boundaries and technological capabilities unlike any predecessor.

For those who love smart tech, you’ll want to look at the Home Speaker 500. This smart speaker was created to fill any room with an impressive, emotive “wall-to-wall” stereo sound. With two custom drivers that push sound out in opposite directions, sound bounces off the walls to create an immersive soundstage effect, using just one single speaker. Looks may be deceiving, as its minimalistic and diminutive stature suggests portable speaker rather than at-home hub for your music. The speaker is offered in a seamless design in an anodised aluminium body, available in Triple Black or Luxe Silver, and the colour LCD display also allows you to catch a glimpse of what’s playing by displaying album art, artist and song name. Naturally, it also functions perfectly as a bedside clock.

Controls are intuitive and simple, whether via the Bose Music app or simply tapping on the device itself, which offers six preset buttons for your favourite playlists, Internet radio stations and more. The Bose Music app in particular allows multiple users to personalise their controls so that their favourites are just an easy tap away. You can also link up your phone or tablet and play your favourites from Spotify and TuneIn via a Bluetooth connection, and Apple AirPlay 2 capabilities are set to be released in early 2019. More software features are slated to be on the way, such as voice control from Amazon Alexa (once it becomes available in Hong Kong).

For design lovers and TV hounds alike, the Soundbar 700 is be your best bet. Many of us find ourselves in front of the television in the evening after a long day, but with the Soundbar 700, rather than plainly watching your favoured shows, you’ll be truly immersing yourself in your chosen fictional universe — whether you’re looking forward to revelling in the swelling scores of romantic films such as Love Actually or The Holiday this festive season, or you’re perched on the edge of your seat in front of acclaimed Netflix action series Narcos or hotly talked-about thrillers such as The Haunting of Hill House. The Soundbar 700 provides emotion and action you can feel, thanks to Bose’s seven transducers inside the speaker, which produce rich, distortionless bass for movies, TV and your favourite tunes.

The shape of the soundbar also lends itself to a wide, cinematic sound perfect for action blockbusters, moody thrillers and more — an unexpected feat from such a slim silhouette. With its sleek metal grille in Bose Black or Arctic White and tempered glass upper surface, the Soundbar 700 melds into your home easily, and it truly looks as good as it sounds. (There’s also the option to mount the soundbar below your TV with a wall bracket if you prefer.)

Again, you can control the speaker with the easy-to-use Bose Music app, which allows for personalised controls for multiple users, or via the accompanied remote control, which comes with six presets for you to choose from WiFi music services such as Spotify, or play directly from your tablet or phone at ease. Soon, integrated voice control via Alexa as well as other advanced smart features will be available with future software updates.

For even further high-octane sound, an optional Bose Bass Module 700 and Bose Surround Speakers will produce extra thunderous bass, suited for whether you’re looking to relive the glory of hearing rock legends Guns N’ Roses live, for instance, or you’re in charge of electrifying a party atmosphere with thumping beats. Whatever layout, whichever room setting you have, the Soundbar’s ADAPTiQ audio room calibration will help to fit out the system’s sound specifically to your surroundings.

Both the Soundbar 700 and the Home Speaker 500 are part of a new family of smart speakers and soundbars designed to be compatible with each other. Simply put, they work together to provide multi-room listening, or offer separate listening channels for different tastes under the same roof.

Interested to try the Home Speaker 500 (HK$3,499) or the Soundbar 700 (HK7,099) out for yourself? Book your private listening session with Bose here.

Evelyn Lok
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