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De Beers’ new holiday campaign is a sparkling tribute to life’s most precious moments

Shared laughter and precious, memorable experiences direct the brand’s specially curated holiday collection this year.

Life’s fondest memories are manifested into beautiful diamond pieces that you can now have and hold forever, with the help of De Beers. The house’s latest campaign, ‘Treasured Forever,’ is a showcase of some of the brand’s most expressive creations, placing the spotlight on timeless designs and new releases that all embody the jewellers’ craftsmanship and brand’s exquisite jewels. While this year is not one that can be easily forgotten to say the least, you’ll be able to treasure all those warm defining moments with your nearest and dearest with some of these sparkling pieces below.

‘Arpeggia’ diamond ring

Certain moments bring to mind special melodies, or inversely, some melodies to moments. For the ‘Arpeggia’ collection, which takes after the musical term arpeggio, it is Beethoven’s emotional ‘Moonlight Sonata’ — characterised by the well-documented use of these dreamy split chords — that acts as this ring’s muse. Composed of one pavé white gold band, sprinkled intermittently with round brilliant diamonds in various sizes to resemble weighted notes dancing across an intricate score. Slip this piece onto beautifully manicured fingers and wear with something simple.


‘Arpeggia’ diamond choker and headband

Within the same ‘Arpeggia’ collection is this piece that can be worn as either a choker or headband. Strung with multi-weighted diamonds on a delicate white gold micropavé chain (exhibiting two of the collection’s signature craft), this accessory adds effervescence to any occasion thanks to its adaptable and timeless design. Switch from day to night by layering this piece around the décolletage with simple silks and satins in the day, and switch for a stunning statement headpiece at night — one thing’s for sure, it’ll make heads turn.


‘Dewdrop’ diamond bangle

Nature has always been a tried-and-tested source of inspiration for De Beers, and the ‘Dewdrop’ collection is no different. Instead of the typical flora and fauna, the collection hones in specifically on glistening morning dew as inspiration. Bordered by a pavé edge, this bangle is accented by alternating bezel-set diamonds that mirror the sporadic arrangement of naturally falling dewdrops. Simple yet subtle in its design, it’s a charming addition to any jewellery box.


‘Dewdrop’ diamond medallion

The medallion necklace from the ‘Dewdrop’ collection captures the same ethereal beauty of nature. Alternating bezel-set diamonds are sprinkled around the circular pavé frame to imitate twinkling beads of dewdrops at dawn — a symbol of new beginnings. A stunning centrepiece that will make for any elegant occasion, it sits perfectly across the neckline — wear it against cleanly cut outfits to allow the simple yet eye-catching design to shine.


‘Horizon’ diamond hoop earrings

The precise meeting point between sky and earth defines the delicate structures from the ‘Horizon’ collection, taking inspiration from the soft, sinuous outlines of nature. It should be expected then, that the most striking features of this collection include a free-moving, micropavé diamond band and curving frames. These small hoop earrings are a contemporary reinterpretation of a classic hoop design, setting the tone for De Beers’ messaging: diamonds need not be reserved only for special occasions. This set is ideally styled for everyday occasions: from morning meetings to lazy weekend brunches to evening strolls by the harbour.


‘Talisman’ rough diamond stacking band

Before they became enduring symbols of love, diamonds were a symbol of power, sewn onto battle garments as a symbol of protection. Today, De Beers’ ‘Talisman’ collection harnesses the same notion with dazzling pieces studded with diamonds both rough and polished, hoping to illustrate the natural beauty of the precious stones.

Whether or not this stacking ring will bring you good luck, it will surely grant endless compliments with the unique rough diamond centre. Set with De Beers’ serti poinçon technique that involves meticulous hand-hammering for a shallower setting, the brown diamond illuminates with soft, subtle elegance, and at the same time, serves as a true testament to the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship.


‘Enchanted Lotus’ diamond ring

Diamonds and lotus flowers have a shared list of meanings — according to De Beers’ ‘Enchanted Lotus’ collection, at the very least. Both symbols of purity and eternity, they are combined to create intricate designs that revel in a timeless quality. This particular ring traces that outline of the delicate flower with sparkling mircopavé diamonds, a motif that is repeated around the band and carried throughout the other necklaces and bangles in the collection. Amongst a collection of jades, mother-of-pearl, and gems, it is this classic pairing of rose gold and diamonds that particularly shines.


‘DB Classic’ emerald-cut diamond earrings

Without a need for the superfluity and fuss, this pair of diamond earrings has all it needs in its name: Classic. A showcase of the jeweller’s exquisite craftsmanship and quality of precious stones, the ever-flattering, ever-elegant emerald-cut silhouette serves as a treasured piece for any milestone memory — may it be weddings, birthdays, or simply, a happily shared holiday season.

Various sizes available, from HK$98,000 for 0.70 carats.

Shop the collections at De Beers online.

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