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A holiday miracle! foodpanda caters for parties, too

It’s cyclical — happens every year. Just like clockwork. The days get shorter; nights, longer. The first biting chill of the season arrives, unannounced. Suddenly, inexplicably, it’s two weeks out from Christmas Eve. Then, one.

Now, if you’ve spent countless holidays facing down a raw turkey, an uncooked ham and a multitude of ingredients that should turn into stuffing, Brussels sprouts and green bean casseroles but, somehow, aren’t — take a load off this year. Why should your office eats and late-night “Wow, pizza sounds really good right now” urges have all the fun? foodpanda, yet again, saves the day with haptic clicks that bring meticulously catered holiday feasts straight into your home. No fuss! Actually enjoy the holidays, please.

Usher in the season with festive fare from these 6 foodpanda restaurants — at your holiday table spread with just a few clicks:

The Den, Bingaz & Pete’s Place

Christmas Day is one out of three hundred and sixty-five days of the year, but the festive season is long. It’s warm. It’s a time for reflection; a time for kindness. A time for love, the kind that lasts. A time, too, for turkey, for ham and for homemade Yorkshire pudding — a least two dozen, thank you very much. 

The Den, Bingaz and Pete’s Place’s seasonal serves seem to be pulled directly from a picture-book, Norman Rockwell style. Choose between a 3.5kg Sweet Holiday Baked Ham (HK$1,888, serves six), or a hefty 7kg Holiday Season Turkey with pork stuffing and cranberry sauce (HK$2,388, serves eight), or, our pick, opt for not choosing at all and go for the entire laundry list with the Bingaz Mixed Roast Set (HK$5,288), which comes with the turkey, the ham — served alongside portions of roasted wagyu beef, roasted chicken and the requisite holiday sides: green peas, beans and sprouts, roasted seasonal veggies, cauliflower gratin, Christmas slaw and, all together now, Yorkshire pudding. The more the merrier.

Order from The Den here; Bingaz here; and Pete’s Place here

Shamrock Catering

The holiday rush is real — and already looming. Are your gifting lists in order? Cards pre-written? Your Yule tree pre-ordered? PTO timed, requested and approved? Here’s a tip for a headache-free, no-tears holiday season: make compromises. 

So, go ahead. Prepare your inherited-family-secret recipe for stuffing; for turkey. For the centrepiece Christmas ham. But the finger-foods and the filler bites? Have Shamrock Catering finish off your feast with a decadent bevy of cold and hot canapés, with crowd-favourites including a familiar Parma Ham with Melon Ball and Spinach Leaf (HK$576/24 pieces), a vegetarian-friendly Goat Cheese, Chives and Dried Cranberry Open Tart Shell (HK$575/24 pieces) and Roast Beef with Mild Mustard Mayo on a Pumpernickel Round Bread, served on a Chinese spoon (HK$576/24 pieces) — among many, many others. Consider your Christmas and NYE parties sorted. 

Order Shamrock Catering on foodpanda here.


Here’s an age-old quandry: if you’ve already had turkey for Thanksgiving, do you have turkey again for Christmas? Or do you go for something else? Bon-licious, as it appears, argues for turkey round two and throws in a strong alternate for good measure: roasted prime ribs. 

Because two centrepieces are always better than one — especially nestled amid a spread worthy of bacchanalian evenings of fun and revelry and utter decadence most holiday parties end up becoming. Luckily, Bon-licious’s Roasted Whole US Turkey Set (HK$1,980) and Roasted Prime Rib Set (HK$2,980) both arrive ready to be served alongside drool-worthy sides, including a savoury cheddar hash brown casserole, classic roasted Brussels sprouts, a spin on a comforting mac-and-cheese with truffle and ending with dessert, of course, with fudgey Hershey chocolate brownies. Each set is meant to feed eight, so either gather 15 friends for both sets — or expect a fridge Tetris-filled with Tupperware at the end of the evening. All good outcomes, really.

Order Bon-licious on foodpanda here.

Bistro Bistro

More is more is more is more during the holiday season. It’s a time for second helpings; thirds, too, if you can stomach it. It’s a time when food means family, means friends, means time spent in great, great company. Delicious company.

Bistro Bistro’s exhaustive holiday fare, which includes canapés, bento boxes and party sets, means no party no matter size, palate or appetite will go hungry. Impress with a Christmas surf-and-turf with the Roasted Christmas Turkey with Boston Lobster bento box (HK$1,390) or Grilled Rosemary Chicken Steak with Tiger Prawn bento box (HK$990); both land-and-sea serves come with sautéed Brussels sprouts with carrots and meal-end chocolate mousse cups for a very creamy Christmas finish. If it’s an extended-family affair, Bistro Bistro’s Special Christmas Party Set Packages portion out enough for ten to twelve, with Set B (HK$2,380) headlining on sliced roasted turkey with gravy and roasted tenderloin, in addition to salads, cold cuts, snack platters, fried rice and a fresh fruit platter. Truly whatever your heart (see: stomach) desires.

Order Bistro Bistro on foodpanda here.

La Fête des Rois

It’s all in the name — expect meals fit for a king from La Fête des Rois on foodpanda. And eat like royalty you will; it’s Christmas! The holidays! A time for endless indulgence, a time where calories don’t matter. Well, until the clock strikes midnight on the 31st and we, collectively, trudge onto treadmills and ellipticals and those scary-looking machines where you pretend to be walking up stairs. But until then!

With sets designated for thirty or fifty, this is likely an order for an office party; a class reunion. A very, very extended, only-once-a-year family gathering. Either way, either festivity, it’s cue to impress with La Fête des Rois’s Luxury Set (HK$8,250 for 30 pax; HK$12,100 for 50 pax), with the sweeping spread including the decadent likes of foie gras mousse with raspberry coating, fresh figs wrapped tight within the embrace of parma ham, seared scallops with lemon, radish and, of course, caviar — and much, much more.

Order La Fête des Rois on foodpanda here.


‘Tis the season for, well, stuffed turkeys and honey-glazed hams and Diwali mithai and feasts that spill forth to next day’s, next week’s leftover meals. But, here in Hong Kong, ‘tis the season, too, for a very seasonal delicacy: a delicious, golden-roe-stuffed slew of bristly crustacean. Yes — hairy crab season is upon us.

LottaJoy’s hairy crab offering on foodpanda, divided into portions for one (HK$198), for two (HK$788) or for four (HK$1,388), brings the seasonal serve, all weighing in at four taels, directly into your home, delivered alongside snake soup, lamb brisket pot, stir-fried Chinese broccoli with dried fish and wok-fried dried sausages with sticky rice. The four-pax menu comes with an extra whole salted chicken; a side character, of course, to the unshaven stars of the show. 

Then, you settle in, legs (yours and the crabs’) akimbo and really, really get cracking — claws, pincers, roe and all. It’s your own home, after all. No need to be shy.

Order LottaJoy on foodpanda here.

And if you’re still hungry, Tapas G, Coti Catering, Feast Catering and The Roundhouse BBQ + Beer are all currently serving up seasonal menus — get ’em while they’re hot.

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