There’s an artistry to the act of collecting — a passion held at the behest of time itself. It’s a passion realised at the mere presence of a 50 Year Old whisky; a Highland Park release distilled at the height of Beatles mania. It’s a passion realised in attendance with any Warholian masterpiece; soup cans or Monroe. It’s through the slow churn metered to the granular minutiae of everyday life to, suddenly, measures of decades counted in single flutters of eyelids that the role of a collector is realised. To act as the guardian of the passage of time. To act as a defender-mediator of yesteryears, made palpable. To act as the protector of stories; of prior lives lived.

The hallowed responsibilities of a collector are ones Brandon Chau, founder of Noblesse Lifestyle Group and Attire House, and Evan Chow, Managing Partner of MCL Financial Group, for whom collecting is almost hereditary, are intimately familiar with. In conversation with sipping glasses of Highland Park whisky in hand, Chau and Chow delve into anecdotes about their lives, the age-old traditions they’ve kept alive and the spirit of collecting that lives on, still, today.

Joey Wong
Constantly in pursuit of a multi-hyphenated career, Joey has written her way through fashion trends, youth culture and luxury retail in New York and Hong Kong. Beyond internet adventures tracking down the perfect vintage find, you can probably catch her sipping on her third oat milk latte of the day in the city’s newest café. She’s currently mourning the loss of TikTok in Hong Kong.