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How Richard Mille’s gold straps perfectly complement the artistry of its ladies’ watches

Who wouldn’t want to give their treasured timepiece the golden touch?

With its innovative, boundary-pushing and meticulous approach to watchmaking, Richard Mille has been the go-to brand for women with discerning tastes and a deep appreciation for haute horlogerie since 2005. While the watchmaker initially offered ladies’ watch straps in materials such as silk, leather, alligator and rubber, there was clearly potential for an even more dazzling option, one that would match the impressive engineering of the spectacular timepieces themselves.

Responding to customer demand, the Swiss watchmaker introduced its first-ever metal Bracelet, made entirely of gold, in 2014. Designed for wear with the RM 07-01 and RM 037 ladies’ watches, the handcrafted strap is composed of dozens of links and requires more than 65 hours to program and manufacture, as each link is micro-blasted, satin-brushed and polished by hand. Available in 5N red gold or white gold, the strap is held together by 36 spline screws in grade five titanium and completed with a double-fold gold clasp.

The following year, Richard Mille introduced another strap made of precious metal: the Open Link strap, which resembles the polished look of a precious gold chain bracelet. Like its predecessor, the Open Link was exclusively designed for the RM 07-01 and RM 037, and each piece of the bracelet is handmade and hand-finished to astonishing quality. What makes the Open Link stand out, however, is a more relaxed appearance thanks to its light, flexible construction.

Comfort is everything at Richard Mille, so both straps were developed and tested to be ergonomic. As a result, the wearer gets to enjoy an aesthetically appealing strap that’s also easy to wear. Customisation is also a top priority for the watchmaker, so both straps — along with the RM 07-01 and RM 037 cases, can be enhanced with precious stones.

If you’re already an owner of the RM 07-01 or RM 037, the new gold straps can add some new sparkle to your watch and allow you to dress it up or down as needed — and both pair harmoniously with the watches’ respective designs.

In case you’re not already familiar with these two outstanding ladies’ watches, both embody the technical innovation, mechanical precision and rigorous workmanship that Richard Mille is known for. The RM 07-01 houses the house-designed CRMA2 calibre, a highly skeletonised movement that gives a power reserve of around 50 hours, a significant accomplishment for a ladies’ watch. The RM 07-01’s other standout design features include the signature tonneau-shaped case, delicate indexes shaped like water droplets and a dial with a pavé-set centre field.

On the other hand, the RM 037 Ladies’, is a fully feminine interpretation of the original unisex RM 037. It shares a number of aesthetic similarities with the RM 07-01 while possessing some handy differences: The CRMA1 calibre also offers a 50-hour power reserve, but it encompasses an oversized date and function selector. Two water droplet-shaped pushers, located on either side of the watch, allow the wearer to easily adjust the date and, much like a car’s gearbox, choose between winding (‘W’), neutral (‘N’), and hand-setting (‘H’) functions, all without needing to pull the crown out to different positions. Accordingly, two windows on the dial display the date (at 12 o’clock) and current function (between three and four o’clock).

Both timepieces are a testament to the exceptional quality that Richard Mille has pursued since its founding in 2001. Paired with the brand’s comfortable and expertly made gold straps, these are watches made to be worn for a lifetime.

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