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Foster your heart, mind and soul with The Enrich List from HSBC Jade

As we transition into a new decade, enriching oneself no longer just means the enhancement of a single element in one’s life. This is exactly the reason why HSBC Jade has initiated The Enrich List: an assortment of 50 exclusive and extraordinary experiences around the world to help their customers broaden their minds and perspectives in the long run.

Besides luxury concierge services and banking services, The Enrich List was created as a source of inspiration for customers to achieve self-enrichment.

Fashioned in partnership with a team of experts, The Enrich List is built on four fundamental pillars: Curated Adventure, Ultimate Wellbeing, Game Changers and A Purposeful Life. Each of these themes relate to the broader idea of enrichment: from self-development and exploration to taking on challenges and giving back.

HSBC Jade The Enrich List
Alice Fok (Matthew Ng/Lifestyle Asia)

“I think what the clients really want is to create a certain experience for themselves as well as their loved ones” states Alice Fok, the Head of Customer Proposition and Marketing at HSBC. “[We want to help our clients] not only to grow their wealth but also their wellbeing as well as self-improvement,” she added.

The idea of the Enrich List was formed out of a survey that was conducted by HSBC in eight major markets where HSBC Jade is being offered. Survey results concluded that a whopping 77 percent of participants think that it is very important to grow their personal wellbeing, more so than their wealth. Indeed, the growth of material wealth is important to enjoy the luxuries we have, but a deeper, personal level of growth stems from the enrichment of oneself.

Curated Adventure

The first pillar, Curated Adventure, refers to exclusive, tailored travel activities with unique adventures. Transformative voyages of discovery have been specially selected to give customers the most out of their journey. These include the Dinner da Vinci, where participants can indulge in a feast their eyes on Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ in Milan’s Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie, before tucking into a private supper of their own in the presence of the masterpiece.

Ultimate Wellbeing

According to celebrity and wellness coach Denise Keller, “enriching oneself is the ultimate state of being”. For the Enrich List, Ultimate Wellbeing experiences symbolise an investment into mental and physical wealth. Although monetary wealth is important, these experiences highlight the old adage, “health is wealth”, and takes the wellbeing movement to the next level.

HSBC Jade The Enrich List
Denise Keller (Matthew Ng/Lifestyle Asia)

Keller also mentioned, “more and more people are discovering that spiritual wellness is the new luxury, the new wealth. Spiritual wellness not only allows you to seek meaning and purpose in human existence, but it also allows you to appreciate your life experiences for what they are. When you find meaning in your life experiences, you will be able to develop harmony with your inner self and the outside world, which ultimately grants you balance.”

Ultimate Wellness experiences include options like a fitness-focused retreat in Equinox Hotel, New York, a rejuvenating thalassotherapy treatment at luxury Sardinian resort, and even a cathartic crying therapy session in Japan.

A Purposeful Life

The meaning of a purposeful life differs individually, but for The Enrich List, leading a purposeful life is to search for a higher purpose with a desire to leave behind a respectful legacy.

HSBC Jade The Enrich List
Christopher Kong (Image credit: Matthew Ng/Lifestyle Asia)

They have teamed up with Dearborn, a modern-American supper club helmed by Chef Christopher Kong, as one of their experiences in Singapore. Here, find thoughtful cuisine with a focus on minimal waste, regional produce and sustainable seafood. Chef Chris honed his skills at numerous award-winning for the last 15 years before creating Dearborn, his very own private dining space. He shared, “I hope to leave diners with more knowledge and awareness about the ingredients available in the region and the awesome things that farmers here are doing. Hopefully it sparks an interest to find out more about how our everyday food choices affect everything.”

HSBC Jade The Enrich List
Edmond Wong (Image credit: Matthew Ng/Lifestyle Asia)

Leaving behind a legacy is something that resonates with Edmond Wong, third-generation family member running heritage brand Kim Choo Kueh Chang. He expressed that maintaining his grandmother’s legacy goes beyond protecting her recipes. “What we have today, as part of our business model, is to ensure that our heritage brand goes beyond producing heritage food items. We have now a Singapore Visitor Centre to manage, and are very honoured to be given the opportunity to service our community by being precinct [Katong and Joo Chiat] caretakers.”

HSBC Jade The Enrich List
Lim Tian Wee (Image credit: Matthew Ng/Lifestyle Asia)

Tian Wee, best known as the owner of Gryphon Tea, shares the same sentiments. In 2016, he founded Ujong Gourmet, a sister brand under Gryphon Tea, as part of efforts to drive a renewed interest in the classic Southeast Asian coconut jam.

Purposeful Life experiences under The Enrich List include privately-guided, safari experiences with a focus on sustainability and conservation, mission trips to survey temples in Cambodia and journeys to Japan to preserve cultural heritage damaged by the 2011 earthquake.

Game Changers

Experiences in the Game Changers category are made for those who are looking to move out of their comfort zone both personally and professionally, as well as engage in self-discovery. They serve as a way for customers to get involved in experiences different to what they would usually be accustomed to, and also to inspire them to create something out of it.

HSBC Jade The Enrich List
Simon Wong (Image credit: Matthew Ng/Lifestyle Asia)

We spoke to Simon Wong, co-founder of social enterprise Singapore Sidecar Vespa Tours. As a Vespa enthusiast, what started out as a charity project involving Vespas led to a business involving local heritage discovery. Referencing to the latest developments with AR and VR technology, he added, “the Vespa experience is about to be enhanced through the use of tech to further enrich the guest experience”

HSBC Jade The Enrich List
Valerie Boffy (Image credit: Matthew Ng/Lifestyle Asia)

Pushing oneself to new limits is a detail that Valerie Boffy, co-founder of WOAM (Women on A Mission) resonates with as well. On this topic, she expressed, “Each teammate pushes her limits, discovers new strength within whether these strengths are physical or mental. We bond around the challenge we learn together, we support each other during these expeditions hence growing, enriching ourselves and making the challenge multi-dimensional.”

Partake in Game Changer experiences under The Enrich List, which comprises of a Sangha Retreat in the historic garden city of Suzhou, China with a bespoke Quantum Leadership course, an exploration of Art and even a course by Special Forces and Intelligence services among others.

Find out more about HSBC Jade’s Enrich List here.

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