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La Prairie presents the latest chapter of White Caviar with an eye-contouring cream

La Prairie unveils its latest chapter of its esteemed White Caviar range, dedicated to shedding light and targeting discolouration to improve the skin’s luminosity.

Any form we can see in the material world can be attributed to the power of architecture: As the legendary Le Corbusier once claimed, “architecture is the wise, precise and magnificent balance of forms assembled in the light.”

Whether it’s our homes, skyscrapers and city blocks, or on a deeper level: our cells, skin and limbs, essentially everything that appears to us in the light can be reassembled and strengthened — you just have to have the right architect who can manipulate the building blocks in their natural environments.

Inspired by these words by the great father of modern architecture, La Prairie has emerged from its Swiss laboratories with a new instalment of its White Caviar saga: The White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire.

La Prairie’s scientists have built upon its ‘Equation of Light’ philosophy revealed last year, which zeroes in on the way light plays a part in revealing overall skin luminosity. This year, the brand has investigated how it can apply the Equation of Light to understand luminosity in the most intricate contours of the eye. Looking at theories of color and reflection, light, then, is a function of the condition of the skin, while a lifted, buoyant shape also helps reveal visually pleasing contrasts between light and shadow.

The new White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire targets the three pivotal factors discovered to affect the appearance of brightness and energy in the eye: Colour, Reflection and Shape. To achieve the perfect balance of pigments, La Prairie uses its proprietary Lumidose at the heart of the White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire formula. It works to inhibit tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for melanin, and also targets grey, brown, yellow, red and violet colour imbalances in the layers under the skin’s surface. The result? Imagine shining light through pure and expansive swathes of clear glass.

La Prairie - White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire

To attain a smooth reflective surface, La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex is the main player here — giving life and energy to restore firmness and elasticity from the cellular level.

As for the shape of the eye, tired bagginess and skin that has lost firmness and density will benefit from Golden Caviar Extract, a crucial ingredient that works to rebuild a denser extracellular matrix and increases the collagen production to fill the skin’s structural integrity. It’s also firming and smoothing the skin for optimal light reflection and gorgeous luminosity.

Encased in a pearlescent tower-shaped vessel, the White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire pays homage to its namesake with a silver sculpted ring of caviar beads. Rendered with high polish silver, the premium packaging opens up like a jewel box with a mirrored surface, and the cream within is neatly applied using the ceramic pearl as a massaging tool to cool, de-puff and aid in lymphatic drainage in the eye area — feeling incredibly soothing especially in the morning after a night of beauty rest.

La Prairie - White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire

As La Prairie’s most loyal followers know and love about the brand, the ritual of applying its creams and potions is as important as the science behind the formula itself. Want in on La Prairie’s luxurious beauty ritual for firmer and brighter skin in a matter of days? The White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire fits in a routine that starts with the White Caviar Illuminating Clarifying Lotion. For the second step, pat the White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion all over the face, décolleté and neck. Third, dab the eye area using a press and roll gesture with the new White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire, starting from the inner eye corner and moving outwards. Follow with a light massage of the eye area with the Ceramic Pearl tool, before wrapping up the soothing ritual with the White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire all over the rest of the face. If you’re heading out, don’t forget Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil, which provides SPF 50 protection, and repeat throughout the day as needed.

Learn more about White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire online.

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