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PAKT succeeds with a revolutionary approach to wardrobe management

Whether you have a tiny closet that’s overflowing with clothes or multiple walk-in closets filled with more garments that you know what to do with, wardrobe management is an issue we all have to deal with in one way or another. If you don’t have enough storage space, storing your items properly is more or less impossible; on the other hand, if you have an expansive wardrobe, you might hold on to items you no longer wear or simply forget about some pieces.

Enter PAKT, the Hong Kong-based wardrobe storage solution that aims to solve these problems — and more. At its simplest, the company’s service has two main benefits: first, PAKT takes your garments and houses them in its climate-controlled storage facilities, freeing up space in your home and perhaps bringing order to what may have previously been a chaotic wardrobe; second, the in-house team sorts, tags and photographs each garment, creating a digital wardrobe that you can manage remotely via the website.

Complimentary pickup and delivery service are included.

But as I learned while trialling PAKT’s wardrobe service this summer, there’s so much more to it than you might think at first. Not only does PAKT offer you the ability to transform the way you manage your clothes, but it also feels like one of those services you never knew you needed – and then you find yourself feeling like you couldn’t live without it.

To cater to different needs, there are two tiers of storage solutions to choose from: PAXT X and PAKT LUXE. The former is designed for storing everyday items and seasonal garments, while the latter is meant to accommodate specialty garments such as evening wear, leather, fur, wedding dresses and other specialty items; pricing for both is based on the number of items stored. (A third option called PAKT TRAVELLER is designed for travellers who frequently visit Hong Kong.)

PAKT stores garments in climate-controlled facilities that keep temperature and humidity at optimum levels.

To begin my PAKT experience, I combed through my wardrobe to remove all the items I definitely didn’t need taking up space in my closet in the middle of summer: heavy winter jackets, long trench coats, ski clothes, wool suits, thick flannel shirts, and so on. Next, I scheduled an appointment on the website for my clothes to be picked up; the following day, PAKT’s team members were very communicative on WhatsApp, and they arrived right on time for the appointment. They whisked my clothes away, and then I waited for my digital wardrobe to be built.

What happened next was the most pleasantly surprising aspect of my PAKT trial. Once my clothes had been sorted, tagged and photographed, I was sent a detailed condition report with notes on any flaws on my garments — stains, broken stitching, missing buttons, etc. — with a corresponding set of photos documenting each issue.

You can access your digital wardrobe via the PAKT website at any time.

The level of detail was impressive: they noticed things I was completely unaware of. PAKT will make as many small fixes as it can in-house, but the condition report also includes a breakdown of cleaning and repair recommendations, along with the estimated costs for each of those services. They make it easy for you to indicate which recommendations you wish to follow and then they take care of the rest for you. It really couldn’t be simpler or more straightforward.

Throughout my trial, I used the delivery and pickup service multiple times and found the service to be seamless each time. When I wanted clothes delivered, I simply selected them from my digital wardrobe, requested them to be pressed, and then set a delivery time. The pickup service works exactly the same way, only in reverse. Each time, the staff was friendly, professional and punctual.

The in-house team monitors garments for flaws and even makes small fixes.

As a result of my trial, I can’t recommend PAKT highly enough. There are so many ways in which this service can help improve your life: Your clothes will be properly stored and better maintained; you can ensure that you only have garments for the current season in your home wardrobe; your items can be pressed or dry cleaned before they’re delivered, so they’re ready to wear right when you need them; and it can help you to downsize your wardrobe and get rid of any items you’re never going to wear again. Once items have been added to your digital wardrobe, there’s an option to sell them (you can set the asking price and provide details for each garment) and PAKT will take care of the rest.

If you’re curious at all about seeing how PAKT can help you better manage your wardrobe, I’d say it’s definitely worth trying, even for a few months. If you want to sign up, PAKT is currently offering a special promotion for Lifestyle Asia readers through the end of September. Simply use the promo code LIFESTYLEASIA19, and you’ll be entitled to 15% off the service for the duration of your initial storage contract period, with a minimum of three months required.

To learn more, visit www.getpakt.com.

PAKT succeeds with a revolutionary approach to wardrobe management

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