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StockX stocks you up for athletic girl summer

Revamping your 2022 summer wardrobe? Don’t sweat pre-ordering the season’s hottest drops, for you can cop them on StockX below retail price way after their initial release.

Have a look around, gym wear is the new streetwear — props to the girlies who introduced to us the wonders of matching yoga sets and biker shorts, so that we can take a justified break from the proper, polished looks (a huge win for us). This summer, channel the lively spirit and active mindset by dressing the part. Starting where? Why, StockX, of course, where you can find many stylish, in-demand pieces (often below retail) all year and product authenticity is professionally verified.

To master the coveted athletic look, you gotta think practicality and colour; you want to look like you are going to and from the gym, but never be seen in one. Think pastels, neutrals and denim, which are timeless options that can easily be dressed up and down to suit your day-to-day engagements. Silhouette-wise, crop and mid-thigh length are playful options to set your fits apart from actual exercise attire. For that glossy cherry on top, pick a dainty shoulder bag with “effortlessness” as your sole principle. And voilà, your athletic girl summer is ready for its world debut.

What to cop this summer on StockX

The fit

If “It girl” is your name, and a great sense of style is what you bring to the table, check out Prada‘s utilitarian yet feminine everyday staples, or sensual athleisure grails from the Jacquemus x Nike collaboration. Mix and match for a look that’s sporty without smothering; stylish, too.

The extra something

Got UV rays to block and itty-bitty essentials to carry around? Prada and Jacquemus are also up for the task. As the season of great outdoor fun is upon us, explore all the Gucci shades money can buy on StockX today.

(Please note that the prices listed in this article are accurate upon the time of publishing due to the nature of the StockX marketplace.)

Michelle Chan
A girl who got one (1) nostril piercing and let it dictate her entire style journey. Email me anything interesting!
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