The Essence of La Prairie

The Essence of La Prairie
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The Essence of La Prairie

The promise of time

Emerging from the legendary La Prairie Clinic in Montreux, Switzerland in 1978, Swiss skincare brand La Prairie brings the light, purity and precision of its snow-capped surrounds to its gleaming luxury skincare range. Based on the roots of revolutionary cellular therapy, La Prairie has created its signature polished tinctures and creams that protect the skin against the elements.

La Prairie exudes timelessness inside and out, making it more than just a skincare brand. Of course, timelessness is the key when it comes to creating advanced products that help heal the skin from signs of ageing -- whether they're caused by the environment, gravity or simply time. In the same manner, it’s all about the attention to exquisite, lasting beauty. You can see this through the brand's attention to luxury craftsmanship, conveyed through the selection of the rarest and precious raw ingredients; through precise, science-proven formulations; and through the brand's intense affinity for the art and design. La Prairie celebrates a sense of cerebral elegance wherever it can.

The essence of La Prairie



La Prairie has enjoyed long standing collaborations with the top echelons of the art world, who have been inspired by the brand's pillars of opulence, precision and enduring beauty. The brand's legendary skincare has resulted from years of painstaking research and impeccable sourcing methods, as well as the endless efforts to create a full sensorial experience through its products. Discover the universe of La Prairie below.