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Toast to FRANCK MULLER’s brand-new concept boutique with The Glenrothes

A collaboration between FRANCK MULLER and The Glenrothes in celebration of the former’s new space on Queen’s Road Central honours both brands’ demonstrated commitment to things that take time.

The thing with time is this. At face value, it’s a slow, idle march to the minutiae of the everyday. It’s the slog; the hard work and routines that bleed and blend into an unending, indiscernible carousel. Then, all at once, years. Decades. An entire lifetime, in a blink of an eye.

Time, as it is experienced, is an unreliable variable. To conquer any measure of it is a feat to be celebrated; a detail luxury watchmakers like FRANCK MULLER have spent years pinpointing to exactitudes. A detail Speyside distilleries like The Glenrothes have spent decades harnessing as an ingredient both sacrosanct and valuable. A detail The Glenrothes continues to progress upon with their ‘Look Beyond’ campaign, forever in search of knowledge that builds on generations of know-how, generations of determination and generations of traversing down paths less taken.

There’s a reason why matter and material that gesture at time passed — also: at time passing — are precious. Things like haute horology. Age-old whisky. Heirloom jewellery. Family traditions. Love. Our lives are transient by design; we’re hardwired to be desperate and keening for tangible evidence of things that last, of things that do not break. Of things that do not die.

Now open alongside the hustle and bustle of Queen’s Road Central is FRANCK MULLER’s brand-new conservatory of time — a 1,600-square-foot concept boutique cast in gold, royal blue and veined wooden parapets. Upon entrance through door handles embellished with an Arabic numeral ‘8’ (swivelled: the symbol for infinity), guests will find themselves immersed amid scaled-way-up horological features, from a tourbillon chandelier inspired by the curvilinear formation of a Giga Tourbillon to the Vanguard collection’s index design magnified and etched onto a marble wall.

To celebrate both the opening of the new concept boutique and the 18th anniversary of FRANCK MULLER’s Crazy Hours collection (which remains the brand’s most idiosyncratic with numerals that do not count up consecutively; instead, prancing from 8 to 1 to 6 to 11 and so on arbitrarily), The Glenrothes is on hand with sipping glasses, crystal decanters of amber gold and customised 18-Year-Old casks. So, presenting: A masterclass for the few connoisseurs with the time, the dedication and the palate tweaked towards mementoes both time-honoured and special.

This exclusive partnership with The Glenrothes is available to be enjoyed at FRANCK MULLER’s new boutique on Queen’s Road Central, as well as their outposts at The Peninsula Hotel and ELEMENTS Mall.

FRANCK MULLER Boutique Hong Kong
G/F, 35QRC, 35 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
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