The phrase ‘It’s five o’clock somewhere’ has lost all relevancy in a year (and counting) demarcated by restrictions. Unfortunate closures. Resumed curfews followed by tentative openings which, invariably, brings on an unending cycle of should-we-shouldn’t-we when it comes to happy hour routines. This is where a well-stocked bar cart, a selection of your favourite spirits from Moët Hennessy Diageo and our ‘The Home Bar’ series come in handy…

Our host Lorenzo Antinori — Beverage Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Beverage Ambassador of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Asia Pacific and occasional Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong columnist — delivers his professional expertise from beyond the mysterious, moneyed depths of Four Seasons Hong Kong’s Caprice Bar. A bartender’s raison d’être behind every shaken-and-served tipple is the final execution; the presence of perfectly curated flavour — introduced, savoured and, most importantly, shared.

‘The Home Bar’ is a four-part video series of cocktail recipes by Lorenzo Antinori that will transform cheeky imbibers into spirit-slinging novice mixologists from the creature comforts of their own homes. Five-star libations, made approachable with at-home bar tools. Salute, from us to you!

Johnnie Walker Black Label’s Whisky Vice


Whisky Vice is your go-to bar order — the classic Black Label Highball — made afresh. A citrus-misted highball infusion that tempers beautifully against Johnnie Walker Black Label’s rich, intense yet balanced complexity. A high-low juxtaposition of sunshine and smoke.

This recipe centres around a very special cocktail technique; that of ‘fat-washing’. To fat-wash is to infuse savoury flavours directly into the very essence of the spirit. A considered piquancy, imparting nuances and aftertastes of umami notes on the palate that’s sure to impress even the most austere of house-guests. Anchoring fat-wash ingredients can stem from bacon to brown butter to smoked olive oil; for this particular recipe, coconut oil was chosen for that sun-drenched tang of the tropics. It’s vacation time.


1 bottle / 700mlJohnnie Walker Black Label
50mlCoconut oil
1 splashHot sauce
1 canGinger ale
1Grapefruit peel
1Lemon or lime wedge
 Spiced salt


Step 1: Combine one bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label with coconut oil. Stir well and freeze for one hour.
Step 2: Prepare the highball glass by running a lemon or lime wedge along the rim. Then, dip the moistened rim into a plate of spiced salt.
Step 3: Pour in one jigger (approximately 50ml) of the whisky-coconut oil infusion into the prepared highball glass.
Step 4: Add a dash of hot sauce of choice to taste. Then, fill ice to brim.
Step 5: Top with ginger ale in a 1:4 ratio. Gently mix with a bar spoon.
Step 6: Remove a section of grapefruit peel with a serrated knife or peeler. Fold and mist before submerging the peel as garnish.

The Whisky Vice (HK$160) is available for order at Four Seasons Hong Kong’s Caprice Bar from 29 March. 6/F, Four Seasons Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 3196 8882

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