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Heart-shaped contours and a rosy complexion can be yours with VITAE FaceGym™

VITAE taps into the science of facial exercise not only to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin but also to lift, tone and contour, which is why KOLs like Hilary Fan and Ellie Furuya have made it an essential part of their beauty routine.

All women want to achieve tighter, firmer skin and contours, especially influential models and KOLs across fashion and beauty. While many rely on collagen regeneration, that method is considered so yesterday — in fact, studies support that activating and exercising the facial muscles is the key to achieving those results in a natural way. Just take it from Hilary Fan and Ellie Furuya, two names that need little introduction here in Hong Kong; Fan is the daughter of Hong Kong actress, Anna Ueyama, and Furuya is the entrepreneur behind eco-conscious swimwear line Rii Swim, and recent honouree for our sister mag Prestige‘s 40 Under 40 list. When it comes to their beauty routine — and consideration for a little self-love and “me” time — both Fan and Furuya turn to VITAE FaceGymTM, an innovative method to achieve the best, effective and natural results for their face in a way that they had never experienced before. The method unlocks the power of facial exercise with three medical-grade treatment devices, activating the muscles 5mm below the dermis. The result? Toned facial skin, heart-shaped contours and the rosy complexions they seek. VITAE does the magic for them, and it can for you, too!

Hilary Fan (L) and Ellie Furuya (R)

There are 53 individual muscles on the face; not only do they constitute a person’s unique facial structure and appearance, these muscles also control facial expressions and are the core support of the skin and facial contours. However, starting from the age of 25, facial muscles begin to slack from the lack of collagen. Early signs of ageing, such as deflated cheeks, sagging jawlines, as well as fine lines and wrinkles begin to surface.

A wildly popular beauty trend in Europe and America, facial exercise can reverse the effects of skin ageing by improving muscle elasticity, blood circulation and overall renewal. This trend gained further interest after the prestigious JAMA Dermatology Journal of the American Medical Association published a clinical paper from Dr. Murad Alam, MD, a Professor at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, backing the practice and showing that facial exercise can revitalise facial muscles to visibly lift the cheeks and contours, reversing three years of skin ageing².

As the first beauty centre in Hong Kong offering facial exercise treatments, the augmented technology of VITAE FaceGymTM revitalises the muscles beneath the dermal layer, aiding cellular renewal and replenishment while making for firmer, tighter skin and more lifting contours.

VITAE FaceGymTM gives you heart-shaped contours and a rosy complexion

VITAE’s unique FaceGymTM comprises a simple three-step plan for facial rejuvenation, with FDA-cleared and clinically proven safe and effective treatments, utilising three medical-grade treatment devices to target all three layers of the facial skin and muscles.

Experience VITAE FaceGymTM with a special offer of HK$828 right now: https://bit.ly/3DbgG0i

Hilary Fan (L) and Ellie Furuya (R) choose VITAE for regular visits — and some quality “me” time.
  • Step 1: Activates 5mm Muscle Layer | Reveals a Defined Contour
    • Treatment begins with Jumpstart technology as it penetrates 5mm beneath the dermal layer, which helps increasing skin cellular renewal and dermal replenishment. With a powerful boost from deep within, facial muscle strength and support increase by 88%¹, with a 7x boost in blood circulation — all of which contribute to facial contour lifting and rosy complexion of a youthful face.
  • Step 2: Plump Up Collagen Layer | Lifts and Tightens
    • Radiofrequency and Ultrasound energy is used to permeate the entire collagen layer, which stimulates collagen production by 3x³, with a 35%⁴ lifting and tightening — meaning plump, lifted cheeks and defined facial contours. “Very effective,” says Furuya. “I’m happy with the lifted and plump cheeks!”
  • Step 3: Rejuvenates Epidermal Layer | Gets Even-Toned & Glowing Skin
    • A final photorejuvenation enhances and refines the entire complexion while tackling eight epidermal concerns, including correcting dullness, pigmentation and flushing of the skin, while reducing oiliness, acne, fine lines and pore sizes. “I am really impressed by the overall treatment experience! The jawline looked more defined, and cheekbones were naturally contoured. My complexion was visibly brightened, looking more delicate and smooth,” says Fan.

This FDA-cleared and clinically proven treatment offers a variety of benefits, including a 93%⁵ brighter complexion, 83%⁵ increase of locking in moisture, 72%⁵ smoother fine lines and wrinkles and an 88% increase in lifting and tightening of skin.

In just a single visit every month, your skin can begin to exude that youthful glow while enjoying the calm ambience and total relaxation of VITAE’s beauty centre. Right now, VITAE is offering a special price for Lifestyle Asia readers: For HK$828, you can experience the three-step FaceGymTM Signature Treatment!

Your wellness beauty journey awaits — sign up here for your special offer today.


Mrs. Gigi Ma, founder of VITAE

Founded by Hong Kong actress Mrs. Gigi Ma, VITAE is a lite-medical aesthetic lifestyle brand promoting the concept of wellness beauty. The name VITAE comes from the Latin word for “vitality” — liveliness and energy — with its connotations of health, wellness and youthfulness as the brand’s three key pillars.

“Health and beauty that radiate from within is the new beauty standard in today’s world. VITAE aims to restore and nourish the skin and body from the inside-out, empowering modern-day women to exude the youthful radiance of wellness beauty,” says Mrs. Ma.

VITAE Brand Ambassador Fala Chen

Fellow actress Fala Chen is VITAE’s Brand Ambassador. A Hong Kong A-lister before making her debut in Hollywood, Chen is making her first beauty treatment endorsement with VITAE — a result of how much she naturally loved the experience.

“My encounter with VITAE FaceGymTM let me experience for the first time, my skin and muscle movements from the inside-out. Every muscle contraction felt like a heartbeat — a confirmation of my commitment to beauty and wellness, to stay young and healthy against all the challenges life throws at me,” says Chen.

VITAE’s flagship centre is located inside The Peninsula Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, with other treatment centres in Central and Causeway Bay. Designed for those who retreat from their busy lifestyle, and look for a moment of total relaxation whilst embarking on their journey of wellness beauty, all offer a pleasant and relaxing experience and a variety of beauty solutions, including Body Fit, V-Beauty Collection and more. For more information, visit vitae.com.hk.

1. Independent Third-party Clinical Study Results, Conducted by Cutest Systems Ltd.
2. JAMA Dermatol. 2018;154(3):365-367. doi:10.1001/jamadermatol.2017.5142
3. Suneel ChilukuriMD FAAD FASDS, Jason Lupton MD. “Deep Heating” Noninvasive Skin Tightening Devices: Review of Effectiveness and Patient Satisfaction
4. David McDaniel, Robert Weiss, Margaret Weiss, Chris Mazur, Charmaine Griffin. Two-treatment Protocol for Skin Laxity Using 90-Watt Dynamic Monopolar Radiofrequency Device With Real-Time Impedance Monitoring
5. Based on FaceGymTM post treatment sensory evaluation of 102 female participants

Heart-shaped contours and a rosy complexion can be yours with VITAE FaceGym™

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