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Wine Auction 101: How to start your wine buying journey

The thought of participating in a live auction can be a thrilling one, but it can also be intimidating. How to enter? How to bid? What do those signs do? And what happens when you win? For wine lovers, Aeos Auctions provides a new online platform to make things simple and fun — and increase your knowledge of vino, as well.

If you’re reading this, chances are you already love a good glass of wine. With the holidays ahead of us — and not much use for that travel budget you’ve saved up anytime soon — it’s a good a time as any to treat yourself to a quality bottle of red or white (or orange, or rosé, or… you get the idea).

Whether you’re a wine expert or a total novice, Aeos Auctions has created a new way to discover, shop for, and most importantly, drink good wine.

aeos auctions wine buying 101

Wine for all

The first auction house offering daily wine auctions, Aeos makes it simple for anyone to get started and feel like a wine buying pro, offering an easy-to-use platform for bidding on and buying wines, while also learning fun facts and increasing their knowledge of different grapes and styles with Aeos Insights. And compared to more traditional auction houses, which often only break out the hammer for price tags featuring multiple commas, Aeos offers something for everybody, at every price point.

“As well as fine and rare collectables, we also focused on offering wines that are great to drink and special but won’t break the bank,” says founder Simon Tam.

Offering opportunities to taste before you bid and a community built around enjoying wine together, Aeos ensures that anyone, anywhere can afford and invest in premium wines. With their sale “A Wine Lover’s International Collection” happening now, and live auctions coming in 2022, it’s high time to start your wine buying journey.

Here are a few things to know before you begin.

Getting started is easy

Just enter your email to create your account and you’re in. After you confirm your billing address and mobile, all that’s left to do is bid. Head over to the “Auction” tab and see the bottles that are currently up for sale, where you can see the starting bid and time remaining, as well as place your own bid.

Bidding won’t cost you a thing — unless you win, of course — then you’ll simply pay the hammer price, plus a buyer’s premium of 22.5%.

Know your budget

With wines at all price points available on the platform, Tam suggests that you consider your budget before bidding.

“I think it’s important to be disciplined at auctions, especially trying to stick to one’s pre-set budget. We offer wines that start from a few hundred to tens of thousands,” says Tam.

Make the most of Aeos’s wine expertise

You don’t have to be a wine expert to find the right bottle for you. In addition to offering insights on their platform about different grapes and styles of wine, Aeos is staffed by in-house wine experts who are there to help you find bottles that fit both your taste and budget.

“The wines that we offer are on their peak of maturation and drinkability and all you have to do is bid, wine and drink,” says Tam. “We’re also an extremely knowledgeable and friendly team, who are only too happy to share our passion with wine lovers from all walks of life. No stuffy auction protocols here!”

Community is at the heart of Aeos

In addition to offering wine lovers a platform to buy their next favourite bottles, Aeos is also focused on building a community who care share in the joy of tasting and drinking wines together. For you, that means the opportunity to taste wines before you even bid on them.

“We love nothing more than meeting other wine lovers who enjoy wines,” says Tam. “We conduct weekly wine tastings as part of our online auction previews, so our clients and friends can ‘taste before they bid’. We plan to do this for all our auctions. At one of our recent tastings, we shared an immaculate bottle of 1990 Barolo… and it astounded everyone. The wine has impeccable provenance and you can taste the freshness and vitality. Come join us some time!”

Aeos online auctions start every Wednesday and run through Sunday. Aeos Auctions’s second online sale, “A Wine Lover’s International Collection Part II” is happening now. Don’t miss your chance to bid for your favourite wineshead to aeosauctions.com to get started today.

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