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You can now enjoy all of the Hong Kong Museum of Art’s highlights online

In an effort to make art more accessible to everybody — that is the mission of any public institution after all — the Hong Kong Museum of Art has just launched virtually@HKMoA, a digital platform that offers a motherlode of the SAR’s most intriguing art and cultural artefacts at your fingertips.

The virtually@HKMoA platform includes access to a variety of multimedia resources for art lovers and history buffs, who will be able to access some of the museum’s most prized pieces from anywhere with an internet connection. From past exhibition pamphlets to its extensively researched audio guides, documentaries to animations, all of the Hong Kong Museum of Art’s assets will be available for web visitors to explore all the fascinating stories behind the art.


Beyond archival materials, the public will also be able to access the museum’s core collections via its Collection Databank and Google Arts & Culture. You can peruse museum’s prized Chinese Antiquities collection, featuring snuff bottles, seals, and other handcrafted treasures dating back to the Han dynasty.

There’s also an extensive collection of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy works, China Trade Art, and Modern and Hong Kong Art — featuring artists from the 20th and 21st centuries who were inspired by the fragrant harbour throughout the years.

This is particularly handy for those who missed out on previous landmark exhibitions that inaugurated the newly revamped Museum of Art, including a showcase of the legendary Chater collection — lost and then found after the Second World War.


The collection of Chinese painter Wu Guanzhong — widely considered to be one of the founders of contemporary Chinese painting — is not to be missed as well. A little known fact is that the Hong Kong Museum of Art now holds the biggest and most diverse collection of works by Wu in the world, now all available just a click away.

With the rising popularity of online viewing rooms and galleries as the global community practises social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, the virtual library offered by the Hong Kong Museum of Art is a welcome diversion during these difficult times. As you browse, perhaps you’d like to make a mental note of all the masterpieces you want to see in person on your next visit to the museum itself.

Access the Hong Kong Museum of Art’s virtually@HKMoA platform here

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