Until several years ago, Australian menswear was the part of the nation’s wider fashion landscape which most languished in obscurity. For the average bloke, clothing was historically low on the totem pole of subjects worthy of serious appreciation. A visible interest in fashion and lifestyle was often considered frivolous; emblematising (in the worst case scenarios) a kind of socio-cultural elitism at odds with a national identity that mythologises convicts, swagmen and other salt-of-the-earth types.

Thankfully, over the last half decade, change (of the socio-cultural variety) has engulfed Australia like a gnarly wave off the shores of Bondi; and the local men’s clothing industry is all the better for it. The most interesting brands — often helmed by designers with rich cultural perspectives brought home from abroad — manage to distill the best aspects of the national identity in a euphemistic sort of way. So whether it be tailoring, leisurewear or a pair of the best damn boots in the world, you can rest assured that the end product is infused with the trademark style for which so many Aussies themselves are known. Charming, easygoing and entirely lacking in pretension, here are 5 of the best Australian menswear designers that you can pick up online now.