They say that rules are meant to be broken — and personal style is no exception. Though the world of fashion has seen plenty of blunders that could’ve easily been avoided (both on and off the catwalk), the ‘golden rules’ of fashion now seem more outdated than ever before. From mixing and matching prints to stacking silver and gold jewellery, these are the five style rules you should be breaking this fall.

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Only wear fitted silhouettes.

Oversized clothes being unflattering is a thing of the past. Especially for fall, designers have embraced this new silhouette and eye-catching pieces of the season that obscure the figure rather than cling to it.

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Don’t mix and match your jewellery.

Back in the day mixing and matching your jewellery may have been a fashion faux pas but these days it’s a must. Whether you’re mixing silver and gold or adding a pop of colour, it’s all about versatility. The more, the merrier.

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T-shirts aren’t dressy.

T-shirts, just like anything else in your closet, can be styled to look dressy. Whether you’re wearing one on your day off or for a special occasion, t-shirts are the ultimate versatile wardrobe item.

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Don’t mix prints.

No matter what people say, you should always play around with prints. Either mix and match your prints or style the same print in a different way. Just remember, when it comes to fashion, there are always some trends to stay away from.

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Wear season-appropriate shoes.

We don’t believe in wearing seasonally appropriate shoes. Though you won’t spot us in a pair of sandals in the middle of winter (no matter how stylish they are), boots are a great example of shoes that can be worn all year long.

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Tais Elize
Taïs Elize is a half-Dutch half-Surinamese fashion model who has been travelling the world for more than a decade. As a stylist, Taïs believes fashion isn’t about the overall collections; rather, it's about admiring the individuality of each piece and appreciating the beauty that lies in the details. Follow @taiselize on Instagram.