Denim jeans first gained popularity in 1873, when an American tailor began reinforcing the pants with rivets, but they’ve come a long way since then. From mine workers to fashionistas, jeans have become an ubiquitous wardrobe stable — everyone has at least one pair in their closet.

In addition to being extremely versatile — there isn’t much you can’t wear with a pair of jeans — they’re also the perfect vehicle for expressing your unique sense of style. This season, designers were all about creating jeans featuring unconventional embellishments and eccentric cuts, giving us completely new ways to wear denim. Here are five statement jeans that definitely don’t look like any of your other pairs.

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Off-white is mostly inspired by Nineties streetwear so it comes as no surprise that they’ve reworked these authentic Levis jeans (HK$9,258) and given it its own twist. The patchwork and zipper detailing create a fashionable look.



Known for their deconstructed designs, Vetements continues to take their jeans to the next level. We can’t think of a better way to make a fashion statement this season than with this pair of eye-catching jeans (HK$7,373).




Add some flair to your wardrobe with these Gucci jeans (HK$19,500). The embroidery is placed differently on each pair of jeans, creating a look that’s completely unique and effortlessly trendy.


Stella McCartney

Brining the swinging Seventies back with a twist, these Stella McCartney jeans (HK$2,800) come with a printed patchwork effect and a high-rise waist for a retro effect.


Tu es mon Trésor

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but pearls come in as a close second. These Tu es mon Trésor jeans (HK$6,380) will turn anything in your wardrobe into a fashion statement.

Tais Elize
Taïs Elize is a half-Dutch half-Surinamese fashion model who has been travelling the world for more than a decade. As a stylist, Taïs believes fashion isn’t about the overall collections; rather, it's about admiring the individuality of each piece and appreciating the beauty that lies in the details. Follow @taiselize on Instagram.