When it comes to men’s accessories, folios are criminally underrated. A design for the modern age, these compact, midsized leather goods (they’re not ladies’ clutches!) are well suited to protecting your daily essentials. Digital storage has liberated most urban professionals from the oppression of crossbody baggage, and unless your everyday routine necessitates trainers and a packed lunch, the folio is a much better looking way of storing what you’ll actually need. Think laptop, papers, currency, assorted articles you don’t want to be rummaging around for on the way to your career-defining meeting.

Ease of handling aside, the folio also just looks great. Capable of smartening a more casual ensemble or integrating with office-ready tailoring, most modern versions tend to combine a centralised closure with half-zip or envelope design. Those commonalities allow you to focus on the details that speak to your personal taste. After all, something as innocuous as a change in leather can transform a folio’s look entirely. Here are five of our favourites (all available online) to get you started.