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6 simple New Year’s style resolutions for 2017

Ringing in the New Year is a perfect opportunity to say goodbye to old habits while adopting new ones. While that’s easier said than done, you should never stop trying to push yourself — and that’s especially true when it comes to your personal style. To give you the appropriate motivation, we’ve come up with this list of six simple steps you can take to have your most stylish year ever.

1. Prep ahead
Great styling ideas don’t come easily, which is why the fashion-savvy often plan their outfits the night before — if not earlier. Not only does planning afford you more time to incorporate new ideas to refresh your daily ensemble, but it will also save you loads of time in the morning and prevent any last-minute fashion emergencies.

2. Invest in a tailor
The key to great-looking clothes always lies in the fit: Garments that have the right fit create a streamlining effect that accentuates the best parts of your body, while glossing over those you wish to hide. In order to have garments that fit you properly, you’ll need a good tailor. Don’t be afraid to try a few out until you find the right one, and once you do, treat them like your best friend. After all, they’re going to be responsible for helping you look your best.

3. Do something different
style habits 1Putting together interesting outfits requires being creative and thinking outside the norm. You don’t have to go crazy here, just make some style decisions that are opposite to what you would normally do. If you’d normally wear a dress with heels, try a pair of sneakers instead. Rather than a gown, opt for a pantsuit. And so on. You’ll find that by making different decisions occasionally, your personal style will become more interesting over time.

4. Be comfortable
Trust us: No matter how fashionable you might think you’ll look, there’s nothing stylish about someone wearing something they’re not comfortable or confident in. We’re talking about physical comfort, of course — nothing’s worse than wearing something you have to constantly fix all night, or heels that you can barely walk in — but also a more abstract type of comfort that’s harder to explain. Basically, if you wouldn’t want to be photographed in an outfit, why would you wear it outside?

5. Don’t copy everything street-stylers wear
style habits 3
Street-stylers are often spotted wearing eye-catching and trendy items, but they’re mostly sponsored and styled to appeal in photos rather than everyday life. If you try to copy their looks exactly, you might come off looking a bit silly or, worse, inauthentic. Instead, take inspiration from the way they put together different elements in terms of silhouettes, proportions, trends, colours, prints and designs, and incorporate these techniques into your daily dressing.

6. Explore new brands
Everyone has their favourite brands and designers, and every brand and designer has their own signature aesthetic. Therefore, it makes sense that you’d only stick to a couple of them once you find the ones you like best. However, it’s a good habit to be open-minded when it comes to discovering and trying out new designers you’re not familiar with so that you can regularly add some fresh elements to your wardrobe.

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6 simple New Year’s style resolutions for 2017

Cindie Chan

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