It is a fact, well known and uncontroversial, that most men will at some point in their lives encounter the modern scourge that is wheeled travel luggage. Don’t get us wrong, luggage with wheels has its uses: it makes transporting large quantities of belongings easy; and often provides excellent protection for fragile cargo such as camera lenses or objets d’art. However, it doesn’t exactly scream “the spirit of travel”; especially in circumstances entailing a quick getaway or a weekend sojourn to the country.

Ideally, the act of travel should be a stylish and romantic one; and as David Coggins (author of the New York Times bestseller Men and Style) astutely observes “there’s always a time in a trip going up a bridge, across cobblestones, hurrying to catch a train, when you’ll wish you packed lighter and wheel-free”. Put that advice to good use with 8 of our favourite travel bag designs: made to accommodate a lightweight and smartly edited wardrobe that you can sling over your shoulder at a moment’s notice.