After announcing his plans to leave the traditional fashion calendar, Alexander Wang presented his very last runway show during New York Fashion Week. The show was a trip back in time, as the designer looked back to the start of his fashion career as an intern at Vogue. Check out the highlights from Wang’s goodbye show below.

The Wang girl goes to work

Gone are the days for epic #Wangfest after-parties, the Wang girl now sits in the boardroom of #Wanginc: the Alexander Wang Group. In light of all the recent changes at the brand — including getting former Goop head Lisa Gersh to take his position as CEO; hiring Stephanie Horton, Farfetch‘s former chief marketing officer, as his first-ever chief strategy officer; and exiting the traditional fashion schedule — we think this is the designer’s way of telling us he means serious business from here on out.

4 Times Square

Wang hosted his fashion show at the former Condé Nast headquarters at 4 Times Square, where he got his start in fashion as an intern at Teen Vogue and Vogue before he started his eponymous label. The space was set up just like an office, with details such as the corporate logo in the lobby, standard office chairs, fluorescent lights, grey carpeting and cubicle dividers.

Matrix vibes

Taking inspiration from ’80s movie Working Girl and The Matrix from the ’90s, power dressing in the office has never looked this fierce. From leather trench coats, to deconstructed blazers and ultra-small sunglasses, Wang played on the stereotypes surrounding Condé Nast employees by sending an army of models marching into the office looking ready for war.

Lunch anyone?

Too swamped to head out for lunch? Perhaps it’s time to consider packing your own lunch instead. Adding to the corporate setting, Wang took inspiration from the humble Ziplock bag, and turned it into the most glamorous version we’ve ever seen.

Prime seating

Competition in the office can be intense, but not at AWG. Here, everyone gets a front-row seat. That includes big boss Alexander Wang himself, who was captured sitting front row taking photos and videos just like the rest of his guests.

(image credit: katedavidsonhudson)

Yes, there's a corporate credit card

Spend it all on A.Wang! Text and digits “A. Wang EXP. 00/00.” appeared on many pieces in the collection including shirts and tights, all featuring a typeface reminiscent of those on credit cards. The word “platinum”, meanwhile, wass also present, a reference to American Express’s platinum charge card.

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