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La Vie En Rose: 15 stylish gifts for the friend who’s really, really into pink

We all know that person. Here’s what to get them when gift-giving season rolls around.

What do fuchsia, magenta, ruby, flamingo, taffy, carnation, rose and salmon have in common? Well, you’re already here, so we’re guessing you know. They’re all pink. Shades of pink, at least. There may be some pro-level colour theory killjoy out there who’s gonna tell me I’m using “shades” and “tints” and “hues” all wrong here, but the point is, you know it when you see it. And you know that friend who doesn’t leave the house (presumably one packed to the gills with pink decor) without some kind of pink accessory, from their phone to their shoes to their ride.

So when gift giving season comes around, you can labour over the perfect way to show them you care — HK$100 bills are somewhat pink, for what it’s worth — or you can take our handy dandy gift guide and give them what they really want: more of the colour they love. For boyfriends, girlfriends, family and lovers of all-things-amaranth: we raise a rosé toast to easy shopping.

Pink gifts in your area:

Apple’s iPhone 13, like every new iPhone, promises to be the company’s most advanced model yet. You’ve probably heard about the hyper fast A15 Bionic chip and Super Retina XDR display. The dual-camera system promises 47% better low-light performance. Cinematic mode makes everything you shoot feel like a movie. Apple significantly improved the battery life, so you can spend less time scrolling while tethered to an outlet, or hovering over a charging pad. And the new Ceramic Shield means you’ll wind up with fewer cracks from all your nights out and the choices you make therein. And so on. As for your friend? They’ll just love that it’s pink. Very, very pink.


A beautiful piece of jewellery deserves a beautiful place to be displayed, even when it’s not on the wearer. That’s what makes this Lauren Rubinski suede jewellery tray a perfect addition for any vanity or dresser. Give their bracelets, necklaces and rings a proper place to land at the end of a long day, and they’ll be looking their best and ready for duty at the beginning of the next — no irritating tangling and untangling battles required.


Regardless of their day-to-day style, when it comes to beach day and pool party apparel and accessories, it’s important to be loud. Forget the whites, greys, beiges: This is a fun in the sun, right-to-bare-legs, drink-in-hand party for one, or two, or fifty of their closest friends. So whatever you do, don’t let them bring a boring towel to the beach. There’s a reason some towels are bath towels, and you never see them in shades of hot pink or neon. That’s utility. This is fun. Give them something fun. Balenciaga’s cotton-terry and jacquard-woven logo towel? That’s fun.

£291.67 (Approx. HK$3,081)

Don’t let the “Homme” in the name or the “Mr” in the URL fool you: Celine Homme’s pink logo-jacquard beanie is for everyone. Fresh out of the brand’s AW21 Teen Knight Poem collection, the pink and black checkered wool is a throwback to ‘80s culture and motifs — there’s even a bit of a nod to Renaissance art and skate culture behind the design — so they also get a bit of history in addition to their new hat. Who knew? Oh, and this one is a Mr Porter exclusive, so add it to your cart while you can.

£235.95 (Approx. HK$2,493)

The work of Swedish-French street art legend André Saraiva can be seen across every continent except Antarctica, perhaps for obvious reasons. From museum shows at MoCA to his restaurants and nightclubs like the famed Le Baron, the artist — often going only by the mononym, André — is often never far from his “Mr. A” character, the likes of which can be seen here, in this work featuring the characters of Peanuts for The Skateroom. If they’re fans of skateboarding, art or just Snoopy, Woodstock and the rest of Charlie Brown’s gang, they’ll dig this addition to their wall.

£412.50 (Approx. HK$4,358)

If pink is already their thing — furniture, painted walls, carpets, rugs, ash trays (we’re not judging) — then the electric pop of colour on the cover of this coffee table book from Assouline will feel right at home. Fashion stylist and editor Renu Kashyap and travel writer Maya Boyd teamed up to compile Ibiza Bohemia, featuring 300 pages of images and stories as vibrant as the Spanish Mediterranean island itself. As we descend into Hong Kong’s winter months, it will be a warm and welcoming addition to any shelf or tabletop — especially for someone who misses travelling the outside world as much as we do.


If there’s one thing that skaters in Lai Chi Kok and aunties in Gage Street Market can agree on, it’s that you can never go wrong with a bucket hat. This salmon pink option is no exception. It’s Nike. It’s pink. Just do it.


Get ready to see this candle splashed a lot across any colour gift guides we do — it has become an instant favourite of the Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong editorial team, both for gifting others, and for ourselves. Jonathan Anderson and perfumer Nuria Cruelles joined forces to create the Loewe Home Scents collection, featuring a number of towering candles like this one, in a variety of colours and scents that elevate the sights and smells of any room they enter. This one, in pink, gives off the smell of “fresh climbing ivy”, and at 38 centimetres tall, it’s a smell they’ll get to enjoy for quite some time.


The hoodie is a perfect piece of clothing — there is no argument to be had here, and I’ll take no further questions at this time. While many out there come in pink, I love this one from Acne Studios. It’s oversized, which is cool right now, and also makes it a unisex gifting option that looks cool and cosy on anyone who puts it on. It will especially come in handy in Hong Kong’s cooler months, and as an added bonus, it’s made from certified organic materials, which should make them feel better about the whole “conscious consumerism” thing.


Bottega Veneta is having as much fun as anybody in fashion these days, from bold cotton terry bathrobes to chunky rubber rain boots in their signature green and an array of other vibrant colours. One of those colours also happen to be pink, seen here on this cassette intrecciato leather cardholder. Perfect for name cards, credit cards, Octopus cards and any others that need carrying, the woven strips of Italian leather in signature Bottega Veneta style make it an immediately recognisable piece of luxury. And for the buyer, you get to give a memorable gift that they’ll carry every day — that won’t break the bank.


My best friend Tim (Hi, Tim) back home in New York has long been a devotee of the Comme Des Garçons Wallet: It’s bright, it’s loud, it’s colourful, and perhaps, much like Tim, it’s not for everybody. But I can say from first-hand experience that it’s a conversation-starter. This version is fluorescent pink on the outside, with refined calfskin of yellow and orange within. Simply put, it’s about as fun as a wallet is going to get, other than the part where you get to put money into it. It’s also a good size — one of the few truly equipped to deal with massive Hong Kong bills. If their world could use a little more colour, you can’t go wrong.


Hey Kaws, why so pink? Is it because you haven’t been added to cart yet? Here’s another conversation piece that will — believe it or not — liven up any room. Kaws What Party is just waiting for you to get the party started, so what are you waiting for?


Raawii is a Copenhagen-based design studio that has any number of insanely stylish and cool products, all of them coming in a variety of calming shapes and colours. But it’s the Strøm large earthenware jug that caught my eye. First and foremost, it’s in pink, so, *gestures around*. It’s also handcrafted by artisans in Portugal and finished with a beautiful matte surface that complements any part of the home. It would look as good holding a floral arrangement or tall green stems as it would nothing at all. The point is, they’ve got options.


If they’ve got the purse and/or pocket space, an over-the-top phone case is always a good way to go. Not only do they get the additional drop, fall, scratch and shatter protection of a phone case that extends way beyond its touchscreen, they also get the effect of making people stop and stare every time they pull it out to check Instagram. This version for the iPhone 12 is bright pink with a 3D Medusa head, ensuring plenty of both. Gorgo’s hair snakes also pop out over the sides a touch, which serve as an extra bit of grip for those with a case of the drops.


I’ve always viewed umbrellas and sunglasses as two of the ultimate forms of luxury; namely, the kind you should invest in only when you can bear the possibility that they could be stolen, lost, crushed, bent, etc. within moments of taking them out of the store. They could even just be taken by accident — have you seen how many 7-11 umbrellas people carry in this city? Moschino’s pink teddy bear print umbrella, however, avoids that latter complication. Why? It’s a pink teddy bear print umbrella. And if, by some twist of fate, someone else in that store or restaurant or gin bar happens to have the same pink teddy bear print umbrella, and hands touch reaching for it? Well, then that’s a meet-cute.

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