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For a Rainy Day: The 7 best water-proof rain boots to buy now

There’s no need to weather any storm alone, unprotected and without ample water-proofing. Not metaphorical ones. Especially not literal ones. Protect your toes, your ankles and, if the boot fits, the entirety of your calves from the menace of inclement climes with some expertly moulded rubber. Especially if you’re someone who cannot resist crash-landing into a good, chasmic puddle.

Hunter’s Original Tour short boots (HK$1,167.62)

If there’s one brand synonymous with a prototypical rain boot (or, specifically, the Wellington boot; or, colloquially, the Welly), it’s Hunter. They’re British! If anyone knows rainy day gear, it’s the British.

Princess Diana wore them. The Camerons brought pairs from the UK on a diplomatic trip for the Obama daughters. Kate Moss is a fan, too.

The original Hunter Wellington — made then and now from vulcanised matte rubber — is the taller, under-knee silhouette, but the shorter (pictured) feels a little more modern. To each their own!


JW Anderson’s chain-embellished rubber rain boots (HK$2,795)

We last saw this oversized chain-link detail across the vamp of JW Anderson’s loafers — this season, even rainy day attire gets this very dramatic, very OTT treatment.

Make it a matching typhoon twin-set by accessorising these rain boots with the brand’s collection of accessories, also dramatic with this very chunky, very exaggerated detail.


Bottega Veneta’s Rubber rain boots (HK$5,000)

There seems to be a dearth of rain boots beyond the realm of black in adult sizing. Which is why a bright pink pair from Bottega Veneta — etched out all chunky with a Chelsea boot-inspired silhouette — is a must-cop. Economics of scarcity!

If you’re not ready to venture towards bubblegum, there’s also a sparkly version. And, if you’re really, really averse, a back-to-black pair, too. But try the pink!


Roger Vivier’s Tempête Viv crystal-embellished rain boots (HK$8,800)

Look, sometimes you can’t escape a sparkle. Even when it’s typhooning. Especially when they’re Roger Vivier.

These Tempête Viv rain boots remix the brand’s signature buckle with a shiny cluster of faceted crystals. So every rainy day outfit is just that much more glamorous.


Crocs’ Freesail Chelsea boots (HK$468  HK$268)

No holes in these Crocs, thank you very much! Looking very un-Croc-like in that prototypical Chelsea boot silhouette complete with elasticated gussets, these Freesail boots are as classic as they come. As uncontentious as they come.

Might be cool enough to tempt a Croc naysayer, even.


See by Chloe’s Florrie lace-up rain boots (HK$1,946.02)

Your mum might scoff at these See by Chloe rain boots because they’re bright white and “They’ll get dirty, quick!” but joke’s on you, mum — they’re rubber! A no-effort swipe from a damp cloth and off you go again, splashing in puddles.

The criss-cross laces and collar at the rear of this pair makes it look almost like something you’d wear hiking. Don’t do that when it’s raining, though.


Moncler’s Ginette quilted rain boots (HK$3,795)

There’s no chance of snow here in Hong Kong, so the quilted nylon panelling making up the shaft of these Ginette rain boots from Moncler — that, of course, takes inspiration from the brand’s signature down-filled puffers — may seem a touch out of place. But imagine these in snowy Hokkaido; the Alps! We’re all about aspirational dressing — not for size, no. For the potential for travel.


(Hero and featured images courtesy of Hunter’s “For The World Outside” campaign)

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