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Fire Fits: 3 looks to embrace scorching hot girl summer

“Is there a limit to how much hot girl sh*t you can do in one summer?” said no one ever. This scorching hot season, let’s learn from pop culture icons to build summer outfits that show off our range and killer style.

It’s always “London heatwave” this, “London heatwave” that — the truth is we poor, unfortunate souls in Hong Kong are also suffering in the eternal inferno. Getting dressed in this weather is almost not about looking fly anymore, (thermal) coolness and comfort are the new mottos we live by. Every day is crop tank plus flip flop day; and honestly, that’s not hot.

Thankfully, apart from promoting unattainable beauty standards, the ‘Gram is also an infinite cloud storage for style inspo by skinny legends and enviable cool girls alike. Here’s a peek at what different styles Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, Lizzo are wearing, and how to slay like them. Is it anywhere near payday already?

The many summer outfits on our favourite pop culture icons:

Chick from Matrix

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What’s a puny Very Hot Weather Warning when you’re feeling fussy in your Balenciussy? Whether you want to stomp the ground with chunky platforms like Lizzo, or rock a point-toe kitten heel like Slayyyter, just make sure to nail the Matrix look with a sleek black overcoat and rectangular shades. And of course, don’t forget that contrasting statement bag — you are here to be a breathtaking sight, not to actually kung fu fight.

Pretty, sporty, but never sweaty

You can never say no to a girl who shows up in vibrant athleisure wear with a nice tan and high ponytail. Be that girl. Taking the timeless advice from the OG tracksuit queen Paris Hilton — “Always wear ones that are colourful, or else you’ll look like you’re actually going to the gym. Ew.” — we want saturated hues, figure-accentuating silhouettes and cute details. Bonus points for a bedazzled coffee cup in hand.

Party like it’s 2002

When in doubt, Y2K it out. Here we have Doja Cat and Bretman Rock giving us a masterclass on the art of early 2000’s mean girl styling. Important points to note include crop tops, low-rise bottoms and a beaded necklace sitting on your collarbone. Now that you have the look down, what’s stopping you from saying “Get in loser, we’re going shopping?”

Michelle Chan
A girl who got one (1) nostril piercing and let it dictate her entire style journey. Email me anything interesting!
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