In the past year, we’ve seen tie-dye everywhere: on jeans, dresses, jackets, T-shirts and more.

It’s no surprise that the biggest fashion trend of 2020 has finally found its way on face masks, the accessory that we cannot live without.

Unlike the fancy, logo-laden designs offered by luxury brands, tie-dye face masks are a lot more inconspicuous while being stylish enough to warrant a compliment or two. (That’s especially if you get yourself a tie-dye design to match your tie-dye outfit.)

As a bonus, the masks’ psychedelic swirls are also a way to send some good vibes out into the world, in lieu of a smile. Whatever way you look at it, there’s no reason not to hop onto the feel-good DIY trend. The best part is that there’s a tie-dye mask for everyone, whether you’re into cheery pastels or favour a more neutral colour palette.

Below, we’ve compiled the best tie-dye face masks that you can shop right now.

(Header image credit: Everlane)

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You may already be familiar with Govek masks, which sells three-layered disposable masks that are droplet-, virus- and dust-proof and available in a full spectrum of colours. These tie-dye ones can’t be missed, with 10 pieces of three styles available in each box: pastel lilac, rainbow and pink. They’re available at Sasa as well as HKTVMall.

HK$78 from HKTVMall

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For a sustainable option, check out Re/Done’s tie-dye masks. They’re made from upcycled cotton jersey fabric that has been dyed by hand, so no two masks are the same. If you want the full psychedelic effect, go for the masks swirling with an assortment of vibrant hues.

HK$235 from Re/Done

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River Island

Good news for those whose skin is sensitive to textile dyes: you can still get in on the trend with this printed mask by River Island. Crafted with cotton, the mask resembles your regular disposable mask, except that it bears a pretty pink pattern and you can actually throw it into the washing machine for future use.

HK$73 from River Island

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Nicole Miller

Not a big fan of colour? Try American fashion label Nicole Miller’s monochromatic mask, which is a grungy alternative to the typical black masks you’ve seen around. It’s made with two layers of cotton and has a nose wire that you can adjust for a secure fit. There’s also an internal pocket for you to slip a filter into. It’s going for a good cause, too: proceeds from each sold mask will be donated to CoViD-19 relief efforts.

HK$124 (approx.) from Nicole Miller

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If you’re the kind of person who needs their mask to match their outfit, Everlane is your best bet. The Meghan Markle-approved label has released a set of five cotton masks, each tie-dyed in a different pastel hue like yellow, orange and pink. (There’s also a version with neutrals.) The designs, made ethically in Vietnam, are also part of Everlane’s ‘100% Human’ collection, where 10 percent of their proceeds will go on to support human rights organisations.

HK$355 HK$197 from Everlane

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If you have no qualms about shopping from a fast fashion label, SheIn has unveiled a polyester face mask that captures the trend of the moment. The multicolour design comes in a single size that can be adjusted with its stretchy ear loops. It’s comfortable, breathable and, according to multiple rave reviews, amazingly soft.

HK$39 from SheIn

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Tie-dye doesn’t just entail psychedelic swirls and cloudy colours mixed together. The Japanese invented their own technique known as shibori, which involves precisely dyeing a fabric with indigo to create consistent patterns, like the one on this polyester mask by artist Jill Byers, sold on arts and crafts platform Society6. It’s a nice spin on the white face mask, and best suits anyone with a minimal style.

HK$105 from Society6

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