Halloween is approaching, and with this once in a year opportunity to openly express who we are, or channel who we want to be, we’re firm believers of keeping your outfit thoughtful — while making sure it’s also uniquely stylish and a lot of fun. So, for those of you who are still struggling with ideas, we have a few proposals for you.

This year, we’re taking the opportunity to honour some of our favourite on-screen characters who are not only beautiful, but also full of willpower and determination. These fictional characters remind us that as long as we stand firm in what we believe in, we have tremendous strength to rise against all odds no matter where society places us. Included in the mix: an overprotected warrior, a royal raised in exile, a villain with a superhero’s heart, and a girl next door who’s ahead of her time.

Scroll down to discover our picks of the best Halloween outfits that celebrate girl power, and find out how to put them together using seasonal pieces which can go straight into your everyday wardrobe.

Wonder Woman from Wonder Woman

Norma Kamali Mio lace strapless swimsuit (HK$1,448)/ Y/Project belted denim mini skirt (HK$3,395) / Fendi over-the-knee leather sock boots (HK$12,000) / Versace medusa cuff (HK$2,898) / Sylvia Toledano Massai Triple gold-plated cuff (HK$2,472)

Raised as a princess and trained as a warrior on a deserted island, Diana of Themyscira (a.k.a. Wonder Woman) is a strong-willed woman with an overwhelming belief in love, empathy and compassion — so much so that she sailed away from home on her own to put an end to the war, a path that later led her to realise her true power and destiny.

Get the look: To highlight Diana’s alluring figure, choose a tight-fitted strapless lace top and a skirt, and pair them with over-the-knee boots for the ultimate wow factor. Don’t forget the gold cuffs on each wrist to mimic Wonder Woman’s armour and, if you wish, add a black leather jacket on top to up the badass factor.

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

Preen By Thornton Bregazzi Elias stretch-cady dress (HK$8,009) / Mother Looker distressed high-rise skinny jeans (HK$1,905) / Prada lace-up suede ankle boots (HK$7,400) / Northskull in out necklace (HK$1,003)

The true heir to the Iron Throne, Daenerys was raised as an exiled princess, but is determined to take back what’s rightfully hers and regain power. She’s known for being the mother of dragons and Khaleesi (queen) of the Dothraki army, freeing the slaves and slave soldiers in the East, and conquering countless cities along the way in her journey towards taking over the Iron Throne.

Get the look: Always prepared to escape and run, Daenerys often wears pants and boots underneath her dresses. To achieve this look, choose an elegant fit-and-flare dress, then pair it with washed jeans and lace-up boots to recreate Daenerys’ wild, untamed look.

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn
Gucci Appliquéd sequined tulle and satin bomber jacket (HK$49,000) / A.P.C. Atelier de Production et de Création printed cotton-jersey t-shirt (HK$610) / Falke fishnet tights (HK$315) / Gucci studded leather belt (HK$5,200) / René Caovilla embellished leather ankle boots (HK$8,582)

Originally a psychiatrist, Harley Quinn turned a bit mad after falling in love with the manipulative Joker. Although she appears to be a villain in every way from her wild looks to her unpredictable and violent behaviour, she later gets recruited into the Suicide Squad, where she is able to follow through and excel at the mission –ultimately proving her loyalty to her peers and earning her place on the team.

Get the look: Harley is quirky, sexy and loud, so a colourful sequinned bomber jacket would definitely do the trick. Don’t forget to pick out a nice choker, slogan tee, short shorts, and also the signature fishnet tights. Finish the outfit off with chunky (but still flashy) military style boots to highlight Quinn’s dark and edgy character.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

AlexaChung denim bustier top (HK$1,615) / Brock Collection Takato puff-sleeved cotton top (HK$6,583) / Marc Jacobs ruffled fil coupé cotton wrap skirt (HK$4,490) / Gianvito Rossi Mackay suede ankle boots (HK$7,334)

A fair lady who lives in a small village, Belle is brave, intelligent and independent. Unlike the rest of the women in her village, she refuses to conform and despises the idea of needing a man in her life to achieve her goals. She is always looking to gain more knowledge through books, rather than simply falling in love and marrying — which makes her a role model for women anytime, anywhere.

Get the look: To channel this Disney heroine, wear a denim bustier top for a bit of a utility vibe and a white shirt with puffed sleeves underneath for elegant flair. Then pair it with a flowy, printed wrap skirt before finishing off with a pair of lace-up suede boots.

Cindie Chan
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