Chanel is, of course, a fascinating fashion house that has many stories to tell: from the early beginnings of founder Gabrielle Chanel and the mirrored staircase that leads to her private apartment at 31 Rue Cambon, to the house’s atelier where Karl Lagerfeld spent 36 years working his magic, making Chanel into the fashion empire it is today.

Chanel: The Making of a Collection launches today, offering a closer look into the meticulous processes that brought Karl Lagerfeld’s designs to life.

There have been many books that shares the fascinating tales of the house of Chanel, but Chanel: The Making of a Collection, which comes out today, gives us something else: an unprecedented look behind the closed doors of Chanel, as we journey through the meticulous processes that helped bring Lagerfeld’s designs to life.

Written by journalist Laetitia Cénac and illustrated by painter Jean-Phillips Delhomme, Chanel: The Making of a Collection launches today.

Written by journalist Laetitia Cénac and illustrated by painter Jean-Phillips Delhomme, the book (which, sadly, went to press the same day as Karl Lagerfeld’s passing) guides us through the making of the fashion extraordinaire’s Métiers d’Art 2018 collection, as well as the Spring 2019 collection he co-created with his longstanding right-hand woman and successor Virginie Viard.

“My latest collection has a connection to childhood,” says Lagerfeld in a one-on-one interview in the book. The book goes on to present, in a reverse chronological order, the detailed preparations, key contributors and know-hows that go into each collection. Whether it’s the secret of casting a Chanel model, the fastidious techniques and specific specs that go into crafting a Chanel jacket, the roles of the studio’s key members, or the master artisans at the house’s various off-site ateliers — this book has it all, and it’s a must-read for fans of both the house of Chanel and the legendary Karl Lagerfeld.


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