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Craig Green makes a case for puffer shirts in his new Moncler capsule

When it comes to otherworldly menswear, Craig Green is London’s shining star. The wunderkind is celebrated for his avant-garde designs which continually challenge the concept of form meeting function. While it often appears to border on theatrical, Green’s anomalous aesthetic actually stems out of utility. His signature silhouette is, in fact, based on a workwear jacket, his personal go-to piece. Boxy, square and non-fitted.

This exact idiosyncratic allure was what underlaid his ongoing partnership with Moncler. Last year, Green linked up with the French brand — long known for its masculine après-ski offerings — to work on their first sold out Moncler C (the C stands for Craig) collection. Now they’re back for another.

moncler c craig green
Moncler C is Moncler’s collaboration line with London designer Craig Green.

Set for the Spring 2018 season, the second Moncler C lineup is an apt follow-up. If the previous collection was made to be not just element-proof but Armageddon-prepped (blown-up extremities, quilted monstrosities), the latest one is a tamed-down, post-apocalypse sequel.

Green continued his bold overwriting of the house’s signature pieces, taking inspiration from the typical high-visibility uniforms reserved for hazmat suits and non-camouflaging hunters. Loud clashing graphics completely cover a padded cold weather co-ord and a matching soft duffel bag; the Snapchat-resembling Moncler logo is updated á la Ghostbusters’ anti-spectre sign, emblazoned in place of pocket patches; while half-puffer shirts are introduced in wearable daily-wear forms and colour palettes.

moncler c craig green

Sporting a half-puffer shirt in an office filled with primly dressed corporates may just be the razzmatazz our sartorial rut desperately needs. But our best bet will have to be the below-the-knee down jacket (see topmost image). Made in ultra-lightweight nylon with large straps that are unmistakably Craig Green, this will keep packing punches for multiple seasons to come.

Moncler C’s Spring 2018 collection is now available online.

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