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Laze in luxury: Dior debuts its first capsule collection dedicated to loungewear

With the most recent turn of events in the saga of pandemic-related restrictions, you’re most likely pottering about the house right now, whether working from home or otherwise. Your uniform of choice? Probably loungewear.

Loungewear has come a long way since oversized worn T-shirts. Today, in the midst of long stay-at-home spells, they’ve become the few pieces we wear around the house that are canvases of self-expression — pieces that can spark joy, past dressing presentably (if only waist-up) in front of WFH laptop screens. From a parade of woollen cashmere sets and silky, feather-trimmed sleepwear, enter Dior’s debut loungewear collection, ‘Dior Chez Moi.’ 

First of its kind from the French maison, it subscribes to the inevitably increasing demand of comfort dressing as the world continues to remain indoors. In some way, the collection hits close to creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri’s own personal wardrobe too, filled with pared-back staples and a sartorial preference that leans towards function and practicality rather than the heavily stylised excess. (Though of course, if you’re wearing Dior loungewear around the house, we trust you already have that penchant for being ‘extra’ in your genes)

Soft silks and even softer cashmeres make up this cosy collection; ones that will tempt repeated reaches throughout the week. After all it was created for ‘refinement and the gentle way of life.’ Along with co-ordinated pyjamas and knitted sets, the collection covers a whole sartorial spectrum premised on state of being at home, with snug housecoats, blanket-like bathrobes and swimsuits making an appearance, as do vanity cases, slip-on slides and flat-soled ankle boots — should you ever find yourself shuffling between mornings spent indoors and languid afternoons sunbathing.

The relaxed, slouchy silhouettes of loungewear have not deterred the brand from its dreamy aesthetic; revisiting hallmark motifs like the vivid Toile de Jouy and graphic vintage monogram. There’s also a new print, one deliciously in line with House’s whimsical aesthetic and tips its hat (or in this case, a silk-threaded headscarf) at Christian Dior’s own superstitious nature. Designed by Chiuri’s close friend and Italian artist Pietro Ruffo, the constellation-mapped sky is accompanied by zodiac legends, spread across a loosely gridded backdrop of the world map and captures a fantastical nature that Dior is so widely loved and known for. 

This collection may be designed especially for indoors, but hasn’t stopped us from dreaming up a stylish travel potential for when jet-setting resumes again: lazing around in sun-drenched locales and floating along oceanside resorts. For now, however, it’ll sit looking just as pretty in back gardens, breakfast bars and of course, comfortably in bed.

Lorria Sahmet
After two years of covering luxury retail, Lorria is thrilled to be writing in fashion, food and lifestyle here at Lifestyle Asia. When not roaming around garden centres hauling back new plants for her indoor jungle, find her hunting down the best fries in the city. She's happiest by the ocean with a fishbowl glass of ice-cold Aperol spritz.