Spot that small micro-sized Dior? So adorable. Collect them all!

Here’s the thing: In the instance that is Dior’s bag collection, theres no ounce of doubt that when it comes to the matter of sizing, there’s no need for debate. In fact, because it’s the French luxury House’s reputable line of enduring greats, we’ll take whatever size we get. Whatever colour in whichever last style. Even better if we can get our hands on one of each of the House’s very coveted creations.

For the latest Micro launch, four celebrated icons dipped in Christian Dior’s most favourite shades, bank on the fact that we’ve already added to basket and now gleefully typing in our credit card security code. See you, mini Saddle, in two to three working days. Every recognisable detail is succinctly replicated onto to small, shrunken edition; no feature omitted, no stitch out of place. Think minuscule, scaled-down threads of the signature Cannage stitching, miniaturised gold ‘CD’ hardware, itty-bitty handles that swing off the edge of your fingertips and fine, dainty locks and clasps.

For better clarification of Dior’s “micro”, it’s very small; nothing measures larger than a short six-inch plaster ruler. That’s the best part about them. They’re easy and effortless to grab and go, made for “a fashion statement attuned to the spirit of the times, and an invitation to freedom and movement.” For the day’s absolute essentials say, a range of beauty littles from the Sephora check-out aisle, spare bijou jewellery, a chamomile tea bag. You may be able to shimmy your phone in, but don’t quote me. Only one way to find out: ‘Proceed to Checkout’. You’ll become champion to the thrilling game of ‘Mini-Bag Tetrus’ after this.

The Micro Lady Dior

HK$ 27,500; Fit for: One small kiwi fruit, a spare facemask and possibly matching red lipstick.

Truth be told, we’d already known our love for the classic Lady Dior since its super- (or normal?) sized days but now that it’s small, mini and easy to tote around without accompanying outfits looking overly polished, we’ve swiftly switched this item from ‘like-to-have’ to ‘need-to-have’. What’s more to say about this smooth, rosy-red beauty? It’s a pretty lil’ wardrobe companion that can speak for itself.


The Micro 30 Montaigne

HK$19,900; Fit for: A snack-mix of Skittles and Malteasers, credit cards and AirPods.

Thanks to its easy, breezy boxy shape, the micro-sized 30 Montaigne still retains its everyday-wear character, and probably, if not sidled against the original dimensions, is even better that the larger counterpart. No need for scrambling and flipping out the entire contents in search of a lip stick. It’s a timeless silhouette, the secret to effortless hi-low dressing. The most worthy, too, with a back pocket and card slot in addition to the teeny inner compartment.


The Micro Caro

HK$19,900; Fit for: Mini-bar booze, packable reusable bag, spare change and travel-size perfume.

The signature ‘CD’ turn lock inspired by the topper of a classic Christian Dior perfume bottle. The geometric, diamond-shaped stitches of the House’s iconic Cannage pattern. The simplified ‘CD’ chain link, a heritage edition of the House initials from a different era. All culminating upon this mini-sized Caro for a true objet d’art in dedication to Dior’s enduring codes. Perfection.


The Micro Saddle

HK$19,900; Fit for: Keys, hair claws and a small bottle of rinse-free hand soap.

dior micro collection

Take a good, long look at this micro saddle. And then, take another look again. Soon after you’ll be entranced by all the perfected tiny details on this minuscule edition that’ll make it hard to look away: the antiqued gold hardware, miniaturised ‘CD’ initials, the subtle dip at the top of the curvaceous flap. A resurrected silhouette that has only beautifully flourished far beyond the first original.


The Dior Micro collection is available online and various Dior locations in Hong Kong, including shop 345-347 & 401, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong, +852 2522 7938

Lorria Sahmet
Style Editor
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