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Dress like your favourite Disney princess in these stunning Sennet Frères designs

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing upon a star or praying for a long-lost fairy godmother to show up and sprinkle some Disney magic into your life, Hong Kong bridal couturier Sennet Frères is here to say bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.

Authorised for the first time in Disney history, Sennet Frères’ Disney Princess Collection is a fairy-tale dream come true. 28 fairy-tale dreams come true, to be exact.

The 28-piece collection is an exhaustive reimagining of the individual characters and narratives of 12 Disney princess and 2 Disney queens; once each with an evening gown, then again, each, with a wedding gown. And if you’re a bride-to-be, one for the reception; one for the ceremony.

The brainchild behind this project is not, in fact, a talented team of singing woodland creatures. Rather, Kev Yiu — acclaimed couture designer and Chief Creative and Design Director of Sennet Frères — led the industrious Sennet Frères team of couturiers, with Hins Cheung on, too, as Brand Heritage Consultant.

Counting down to the final release of the collection, below are three (out of 28!) sneak-preview designs inspired by Snow White, Belle and Cinderella.

Snow White

Snow White’s bright red bow inspired the construction of Sennet Frères’ rendition: draping with an extra-long train that pools dramatically at the feet, then opening up to reveal a figure-hugging bodice made out of sunshine-gold lace, beads and crystals.


You’d recognise the inspiration behind the ruffles cascading past the chiffon skirt of this Belle gown — it’s very much modelled after the Belle dress. You know the one; it flounced down the imperial staircase with Angela Lansbury crooning in the background to “Tale As Old As Time”. Rather than recreate the dress in full, Sennet Frères updated the bodice in midnight-navy velvet — the very colourway the Beast wears in the same ballroom scene.


Cinderella’s ballgown transformation was, in actuality, silver rather than the light blue we seem to have collectively pushed into canon. A faithful recreation, Sennet Frères’ Cinderella rendition sparkles in a silver sheath silhouette; then, erupts into a 12-feet, sky-blue train that folds, ruffles and tucks over again and again in endless layers of tulle.

Sennet Frères’ 28-piece Disney Princess Collection will be available soon. Follow @sennetfreres_official to learn more.

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