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Elevate your capsule wardrobe with these 5 Hong Kong sustainable brands

Who said capsule wardrobes need to be plain and boring? Support local with these fashion-forward, sustainable and timeless style additions.

How much of your closet do you wear? I mean, how much of it do you wear regularly? As a proud outfit repeater, I thought I was in the clear. Yet, digging deeper, I saw the remnants of fading fast fashion micro trends. The corset? Got one. The printed mesh dress? Yes, I have a couple of those too. How often have I worn these pieces? Honestly, way less than I would like to admit.

While I thankfully resisted the Y2K baby tee, I was left ruminating on some hard truths about my fashion consumption habits. The environmental detriments, the labour exploitation, the fact that it didn’t make me feel that much more fulfilled. Then and there, I decided to make a change. Welcome, the capsule wardrobe.

The capsule wardrobe is a conscious curation of must need apparel. From day to night, the pieces are meant to be timeless amid seasons of change. An example is Hailey Bieber’s sold out 10-piece capsule collection with luxury essentials brand, WARDROBE.NYC. Basic and monochromatic, the recent collaboration featured items such as, a long sleeve tee, sweatpants and a LBD. This begs the question, does a capsule wardrobe have to be plain and might I say, boring?

First, a quick disclaimer. Consumption is the last case scenario. Elimination is key when first building a capsule wardrobe. Sell, donate, do whatever to reduce. Often, we return to the same pair of jeans and black tank top anyways. Still, we have to be realistic. We will face the urge to buy something. Whether we choose to thrift, upcycle, rent, seek sustainable brands or go local, the best we can do is try to be aware of our choices.

Circling back to the issue of style. Do capsule wardrobes have to be plain and ordinary? Well, this returns to the need to reframe how we see fashion. Capsule wardrobes prioritise functionality and quality for longer lasting wear. It just so happens that monochromes, earth tones and clean lines tend to be better suited. Still, the nuances of design, texture and layering are still in our hands. Now that we can elevate.

Somewhat unconvinced? Here are our fashion-forward capsule picks to inspire your next big fit. And of course, we had to spotlight homegrown sustainable brands.

Parallel 51

Want to learn more about a capsule wardrobe? Don’t know where to start? Check out Parallel 51, Hong Kong’s first capsule-driven womenswear brand. Focused on everyday essentials, the brand offers three different capsule “starter packs” that range from three to five pieces of its timeless collection. Lucky for you, the designs come in both neutral and patterned colour ways.

Róu So

Contemporary womenswear brand, Róu So, centers its efforts around sustainability with small batch collections. Its recent capsule utilises upcycled pre-consumer textile waste made from natural fibre fabrics. The result? Chic and unique designs to last a lifetime.


Celebrate your natural curves with Annibody‘s minimalist bodysuits and dresses. Core to its small batch collections are sustainably grown or upcycled materials using low-impact processes. Browse its selection of comfortable and functional designs that are perfect for layering as well as transitioning your outfits from day to night.


Nothing is more timeless than silk. ANAPHE takes this a step further with its signature sand-washed mulberry silk made with supply chain transparency in mind. Motivated to change how we think about fashion, the brand advocates for timeless wear with pieces designed to drape effortlessly and to be worn in multiple ways. Perfect for your capsule wardrobe!

Basics for Basics

This Hong Kong brand creates ethical designs made to act as your second skin. Driven by solutions to reduce carbon footprints and live in higher conjunction with nature, Basics for Basics produces in-house designs made using surplus fabrics and organic cotton. Beyond durability and comfort, the brand’s basic pieces stun with a subtle edge and elegance.

(Lead and featured images courtesy of Pexels)

Elevate your capsule wardrobe with these 5 Hong Kong sustainable brands

Madeleine Mak

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