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Loewe latest capsule collection stars Studio Ghibli’s ‘My Neighbour Totoro’

Catchy, vivacious tunes. Picturesque landscapes. A lesson in friendship. Hope. Optimism. Studio Ghibli’s light-hearted animation, ‘My Neighbour Totoro’, is one we grew up loving and continued to love through a year which demanded for familiar comforts.

Now, as though ageing alongside its young viewers since the first showing in 1988, the feel-good film’s charming cast of characters make a brand new debut, this time trading up television screens for the iconic, archival pieces in Loewe’s collection.

“There is a natural longing for heartwarming feelings right now,” creative director Jonathan Anderson mused, “When I think of a movie that affords me that kind of solace, speaking just as directly to a child as it does to an adult, that movie is My Neighbour Totoro.”

Apart from a shared admiration for artisanal craft and creative ingenuity, the collaboration is a love letter to nature; to cherishing and preserving a sacred relationship with the great outdoors. A quick browse through the pieces details a kindred colour story told by luscious greens reminiscent of rolling fields; blues as clear as cloudless skies; and the warm sunset shades of yellows, oranges and pinks.

loewe x totoro capsule collection
Campaign images by photographer Gary Sorrenti

“The message is one of dreamy serenity and hands-on creativity,” described Anderson. “[It is] of being at one with nature and with one’s own inner child — which is especially important right now, and I think, always will be.”

Brought on by the film’s sense of levity and appetite for endless discovery, the collection anchors similarly laid-back, languid pieces — T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, fluid culottes — as staples. The exact type one would reach for on a carefree afternoon scheduled for lazing, lounging, and exploring under the hazy sun.

Perhaps the most endearing detail, however, is the beautiful replica of the film’s vivid scenes via all-over prints, hand-painted motifs and intricate intarsia patterns. From captivating landscapes to the magical Totoro and its mini followers, mischievous soot sprites perceived only to youthful eyes, the film’s iconic moments are brought to life via bright palettes, imparting the very same fantastical, wondrous charm and youth-like innocence into Loewe’s sophisticated pieces.

The Loewe x My Neighbour Totoro capsule collection is available online and in stores at various Loewe’s locations in Hong Kong, including shop G4-16, G/F, Landmark Atrium, 11 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2522 0996.

A limited-time pop-up showcasing the exclusive Totoro Gate Pockets will be available at ifc’s oval atrium from 7 through 23 January.

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